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3 Ways To Keep Your Doberman Happy And Healthy


Image Source: RetroRabbit Via Flickr[/caption]

#1 – Test Her Heart Annually

One of the biggest risks is cardiomyopathy, a heart disease that can cause even a young Doberman a premature death. Dobie owners should have their dogs tested annually to detect this serious issue as early as possible.

#2 – Exercise His Brain

Dobermans love to use their brains, so giving them a job to do like agility or scent work will make your Dobie very happy. It will also keep him mentally healthy and less likely to be destructive.

#3 – Check for Von Willebrand Disease

One of every four Dobermans either has or is a carrier of this disease, which does not allow the blood to clot. There is a simple DNA test to find out if your Dobie is affected, a carrier, or clear, so every owner should get theirs checked. If you are looking at puppies, definitely ask if the parents have been tested and/or the puppies.

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