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7 Dog Breeds That Don’t Crave Affection From Everyone

All dogs are good dogs and most get along with their own human families just fine. While most breeds enjoy receiving affection from the people they know and love, their craving of attention from people stops there. Many breeds were created to be suspicious of strangers and therefore do not enjoy accepting affection from people they don’t know. These breeds are very loyal and loving to their families, but care must be taken when introducing them to people they aren’t familiar with.

#1 – Bouvier des Flandres

Image source: Pierre-Jean Vidal

The Bouvier is a herding breed from Belgium, but it has also been used as a police dog, guard dog and even a carting dog. They are intelligent, loyal dogs that are protective by nature. They are even-tempered but wary of strangers, so care must be taken when introducing them to new people. Although the dogs seem intimidating, they are generally friendly once they feel comfortable around their new friends.

#2 – Chinese Shar-Pei

Image source: SheltieBoy

The Shar-Pei is easily recognized by its unique wrinkles, a feature that has gained it some popularity. They are an ancient breed traditionally used as hunting, guarding and fighting dogs. Today, they remain aloof and suspicious towards strangers, but early socialization can combat this. Still, they are prone to becoming territorial and aggressive if left to raise themselves.


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