• 7 People Foods You CAN Share With Your Dog

    shutterstock_160998536Look at that face. I mean can anyone really say no? We all know that tablescraps are typically bad for our four-legged friends, but isn’t there something we can share? Much to our luck, there is! In fact, there are a few people treats we can pass over to our pups. But remember, all of the items on this list are without any extras – no butter, no salt, no sugar. They are as is, and believe it or not, your pooch will probably love them! Just remember that they are still treats, so you only want to feed them sparingly.

      1. Sweet potatoes – Yep! These are actually very nutritious, containing lots of antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals. To feed sweet potatoes, simply bake them and mash them up or cut them into treat-like cubes. A simple and long-lasting treat!
      2. Peanut Butter – You probably already knew about this one, but that’s good! It means you’ve been choosing a healthy and safe people snack for your pup! Peanut butter tends to be an all-time favorite Kong stuffer for both dogs and owners alike. The good news is that we can keep it up!
      3. Yoghurt – Now, remember that when we say yoghurt, we mean plain yoghurt with no added flavors, sugars, or artificial sweeteners. Don’t go giving Fido your strawberry-banana flavored store brand. When you choose yoghurt with active bacteria cultures, you’ll actually be feeding your dog a healthy probiotic! In fact, yoghurt is one of the few items on this list that you should have no problem feeding with every meal.
      4. Eggs – Everyone can have protein for breakfast! Scrambling up some eggs for your pooch certainly won’t hurt him (just remember to hold the salt and pepper).

      5. Kelp – You might be wondering if this is actually a human food, but it is! In fact, kelp holds a ton of nutritional value for both humans and dogs. While you might not have access to raw kelp, it’s readily available in powdered forms to add to your dog’s meal.
      6. Carrots – These were my dog’s favorite growing up! Baby carrots are a super easy snack that’s healthy too. A raw carrot is packed with antioxidants and is sure to give your pet a little something to chew on as well!
      7. Apple Slices – You may have read our article before about making sure to keep apple seeds away from your dogs, but apple slices are perfectly fine. Once sliced and cored, they provide a high fiber, crispy treat that you and your dog can enjoy. Especially dipped in peanut butter!

      There are other treats you can share with your pet as well, but we thought these were some of the easier and more unique ones. Whether you’re out on a picnic together sharing carrots or planning a nutritional meal, these “people” foods are sure to give your pet just as much nutrition as they are great taste!

    • Emily Humm

      My two GSD eat whole apples all the time from our apple trees :3

    • John M.

      does the peanut butter have to be organic free of sugars or just plain ol peanut butter the skippy kind

      • Kristina Karpf

        you really need to be careful with pb because of the sugars and salts in it. I make my pups homemade pb and use it in the treats I am trying to sell.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001431951813 Oliver Wolters

        In the normal Peanut butter from the grocery store are most likely other ingredients than just peanuts, like stabilizers, emulsifiers, hardened oil, sugar and salt, so its much better (and tastier!) to buy pure peanut squish or even make your own by simply putting some peanuts in a blender and process them fr a few minutes until they turn into a warm and quite liquid cream.

    • Amy

      My Teague loves canned Pumpkin and also Cucumbers. The vet said I could also give him Broccoli and Cauliflower. He loves apples and bananas, but she said go sparingly with these cause of the sugar content.

      • Kaitlin

        Pumpkin is actually really good for dogs. Especially if they have upset stomachs!

    • Randi Gleichenhaus Pakula

      Healthy & Good For Your POOCHIES <3

    • Ben Hutchings

      Is say broccoli ok to give your pooch?

      • Julie Haugh

        Broccoli is ok but be forewarned it does give them the worst kind of gas!

    • Ben Hutchings

      Is coconut oil ok for dogs

    • Mary Holm

      My Doxie mix really loves carrots, broccoli, and lettuce!!

    • arabella

      Actually apple slices and peanut butter were 2 things I specifically heard were bad for dogs.. because the peanut butter can clog their throats and apple slice peels can choke them

      • Steve Luff

        apple pips are toxic to dogs apple slice is cool

    • Steve Luff

      Nuts are one more “DO NOT EAT” item to add to Fido’s list of toxic or harmful substances. Certain types of nuts can cause toxic poisonings, an upset stomach or an obstruction in your dog’s gastrointestinal tract which can lead to life-saving surgery and unexpected veterinary expenses.

      • Steve Luff

        my vet told me this and i found it on the web. so i wont risk peanut butter

        • Jana Burke

          Our vet was also very adamant that we not give any kind of tree nut to our dog but because peanuts are legumes, they aren’t toxic.

    • Jane Lawrence

      My dogs have always eaten whole apples. Yes, the pips contain cyanide but the dog would have to eat huge amounts to have toxic effects.

    • Lina

      my doxie eats all vegies,also likes avocado.Is it safe?!

    • Sandy

      My sheltie loves dried apple slices. He get 2 of those every day.

    • Derek Batchelor

      No sugar. Then don’t feed them Jiffy, Peter Pan, ect… Also apples and all other fruits in grocery stores are picked before they’re ripe. They are then gassed. Why do you think they last a long time. The best part diabetics can’t eat those fruits because they are high in sugar. Do your homework theilovedogssite.com!

    • Derek Batchelor

      One other fact. Peanuts are not tree nuts. They grow under the surface of the soil and only harvested by digging them up.

    • Robert Hedges

      what is “yog-hurt”? you mean YOGURT right?

    • Barbara Zaehring

      my one dog will eat lettuce, carrots,cucumbers,tomatoes,pb, broc,celery etc.

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