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Dog Adorably Sings Along With Owner On Road Trip


Annie Aul and her Shiloh Shepherd, Lola, are on a road trip between Montgomery, Alabama and Miami, Florida. The two are having a great time, but with every road trip comes a time for singing. Sleeping to pass the time, Lola wakes up uninterested in Aul’s voice joining in on Queen’s “We Are the Champions.” But it only takes a few seconds for Lola to warm up her voice and join her owner in the sing-along.

The two clearly have a great bond and enjoy spending time together and it’s nice to see that they can keep each other company on such a long drive. Lola certainly has a shining personality and it’s so cute to watch her sing one of the most iconic songs of the 1970s.

When it comes to road trips, singing is a great way to pass the time. Lola and Aul definitely know how to have a good time, regardless of how mundane long drives can be. We’re so glad Aul shared this video so we can watch her and Lola sing together!

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