• So a Westie Got a Rottweiler Pregnant, and You’re Gonna Wanna See the Adorable Puppies!

    A West Highland terrier named Joey cross-bred with a female Rottweiler double his size to father a litter of 11 puppies, which have been given the name ‘Wotties’.

    Believe it or not, the owner, Teresa Patterson, had no idea the pair had mated until the puppies we’re born!





    • Lauren Irick Bennett

      Looks like somebody needs to learn about spaying.and.neutering!

      • Buieruwen

        Altering a dog isn’t always the best choice. females of larger breeds tend to have incontinence problems due to the lack of estrogen after spaying. yes there are medications and hormone replacement that will help but is it really better to pump an animal full of artificial chemicals instead of responsibly keeping the dog under lock and key for 2 weeks? The normal heat cycle of a dog is a little more than 3 weeks. 2 weeks bloody discharge,1 week receptive to breeding (standing heat), ovulation and then she returns to ani-estrus . My female doberman was 3 1/2 when she had to be spayed due to health complications and now she has to take 4 corn silk capsules every day or she dribbles everywhere. I also have an intact male and they were easy to keep separate, neither could do stairs so one was kept downstairs and one upstairs and wow, no puppies.

        • Rob

          Omg it must be nice to be perfect…can you come over and keep my two Great Danes apart for 3 weeks every 6 months?…we don’t have stairs btw..house is one floor…oh and nothing short of a steel fire door will keep them contained if they want out…I’ll let you know when we’re getting close so you can plan your trip.

    • Judy Shaw

      What a cute combination…who would have thought that it could happen!

      • Mr_moto_1

        when there’s a will there’s a way!!!!

        • Judy Shaw

          I once had a Cairn Terrier, just a little girl too, who got bred by a border collie who was about 5 times her size. We didn’t even know that she was pregnant until she was delivering her one little puppy. Boy were we surprised…we named her baby Surprise. That puppy turned out to be a wonderful dog, but I made sure to get her fixed and not depend on size difference as birth control.

    • lowfiron

      They look like a good dog. I’m all for crossbreds or dogs bred for performance not confirmation. Puts the terror in terrier! :)

    • Cindy Neary Atkins

      We once adopted a dog that was a rottie/cocker mix. Looked all rott but was cocker sized! He was an awesome dog!

    • Chuck Bump

      I can’t stop laughing!!

    • Bearsmum

      I just love dogs – too cute!

    • Maroulla Savage

      They are not ‘Wotties’, they are mongrels. I expect they’ll be sold at inflated prices. Ridiculous. I agree with Lauren Irick Bennett, get your dogs spayed and neutered

    • Manel Sousa

      want one…

    • Katie Bessant

      I’ll take a crossbreed over a pedigree anyday.
      They have a better character and can avoid the normal pedigree medical conditions
      Plus the they don’t need to look a certain way or be used as a breeder bitch and stud dog.
      The dog in my pic is a sheltie/rough collie mix not a pedigree

      • Mepphy Cakes

        My sister has a dachshund/jack russell, and he is such a nut!

        • disqus_I2STugmIsk

          I had the same mix–with some pug in there. He was absolutely crazy and I swore I would never get another jack cross again…and then I fell in love with this stray mutt & when I found his owners (they were actually trying to find him a home) I found out he was a Jack/Pug! I have a type apparently!

      • Kaye

        My girl is a mutt…..chow–Chessie–bordie collie mix. And she is BEAUTIFUL. And smart. Her health is superb. Her parents were “allowed to breed” and I’m glad! I wish the AKC would stop being so snobby. When it’s time to get her a doggie companion, I’m off to the shelter for a mutt! I like unique.

    • Robert

      I think “Rotties” fits better.

    • Robert

      Once saw a dog that was a Golden Retriever/basset hound mix. Had the body of a Golden, legs of a Basset hound, and a Basset hound face. And barked like a Coon hound. Thought I was on the Island of Doctor Mareau for a second. Really weird dog. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0116654/

    • Gail Finch

      How gorgeous. My dog is a corgi x jack russell.

    • Johnnie

      Wotties is totally the wrong name and you can’t call them Rotties either. The more appropriate name would be West Highland Rottweiler. At any rate you can’t just take two breed two dogs of different pedigrees together and come up with a new breed. Stop trying to be scientist and focus more on being a responsible dog owner i.e. Get your dogs spayed/neutered.

      • rccourson

        How about a Restie.

      • Mepphy Cakes


    • James Beil

      Aww, gorgeous little dogs – and unlike pedigree breeds, they aren’t going to suffer from the consequences of inbreeding, unlike some breeds we could mention! *cough cough pugs*

    • Baleigh

      I swear, some animal lovers really seem like such spiteful people. First
      of all, if you read the intro, you’ll see that the owner didn’t intend
      for the pair to breed. Second of all, I’m sure the puppies went to
      awesome homes. Thirdly, the ones the owner kept look happy and healthy,
      as do the parents. Don’t ever judge someone when you don’t know their
      situation. I once knew someone who refused to have their dog spayed
      because her last pet died of complications during the procedure. Breeding is a problem when it’s out of control and/or the animals suffer negative effects from the trade. These babies are mixed – they are probably in great shape.

      • Jennifer Quail

        If they didn’t intend for the pair to breed, they should have either fixed the dogs or been much more responsible unaltered-dog owners. It is entirely possible to owner unaltered animals and NEVER have an “oops” litter so long as the owner isn’t an idiot, knows when her bitch is in heat, and doesn’t making the bizarre anthropomorphic assumption that dogs of different breeds/full siblings/parent-offspring won’t mate. If you have an intact male and an intact female, if you present the opportunity, they will breed. Anyone who owns intact animals ought ot know this. There is never any reason to for “accidental” breedings. Ever. The ONLY people who should be breeding dogs are responsible owners of known-lineage purebreds (AKC, UKC, FCI, whomever) who cull defective/pet quality offspring and who either work or conformation-show their breeding stock to determine who the ideal breeders are. And I suggest you use some google-fu and read the independent research that has shown “hybrid vigor” in mongrels is a myth-mixed-breed dogs are just as susceptible to inherited disorders are “purebreds” (ie selectively-bred dogs of distinct heritable types). The myth persists because disorders are researched using specific breeds. When a broad cross-section of dogs is examined, mixed-breeds also inherit heart disorders, hip displasia, and other genetic disorders. The genes don’t magically go away because they’re bred to a different type. The only thing mixing accomplishes is guaranteeing you have no idea what traits the offspring will get. (And if you’re crossing a larger-breed male on a smaller-breed female, putting her at severe risk of dying giving birth.)

        • Baleigh

          I totally agree with you, seriously. But I was mostly trying to point out that these things need to be looked at on a case by case basis. You just never know exactly what’s going on, and there isn’t a simple “right vs. wrong” answer to it. But I’ve owned pure and mixed breed pets, and on average, mixed breeds are definitely the healthier ones. Awful characteristics that are inbred into animals needs to stop, for sure. But, this dog owner here is not a shifty, irresponsible breeder looking to make some cash. Even if it wasn’t *quite* an accident, she definitely has the means to take care of them. Look at how happy those cute little guys are! So, you know. Live and let live.

          • Cranky

            They can’t get any joy out of the cute little puppies because all they can think about is the worst case scenario for them and the “tragedy” that lead to their births. I’m sure the owners kicked themselves in the butt for a moment, then it’s time to see that all goes well & enjoy the incredible journey that arrived from the goof, or carelessness. I had one dog with an “accidental” litter, admonished myself for a moment, then got over it & went about making sure she was healthy, well nourished & had healthy babies & found homes for them. Of course, I got her spayed…after…oops, and advised all new parents to spay or neuter. I didn’t dwell on what I did wrong, I enjoyed the sweet critters. Who knows maybe one or two of those pups went to someone who really needed them for the therapy, & not just a pet. But “just a pet” is alright, too.

        • lowfiron

          AKC Responsible? To what? Money? They hate dogs. A working dog is a happy dog. A show piece dog is just that. Get a mutt, not an inbred neurotic piece of fluff. or physical wreak. AKC= $ for breeding.

          • SusanF-VT

            while I have never bought a pure bred animal, not all breeders are in it for the money. Many are responsible, breeding the dog to keep the species going. We have 4 sets of friends that breed. All have females that are around 4-5 years old and have only allowed them to have 2 litters each. The do checks on the people that get the puppies including checking with the vet and neighbors. I know not all breeders do this, I’m just saying that not all are bad people. Do you think all breeds should just die out and we only have mixed breeds? I am not asking that in a snarky way. I genuinely would like to know your opinion on this (a friend and I have been discussing this).

          • Dee

            Interesting… almost all the dogs I’ve fostered from rescues and my boyfriends dogs have been complete nut cases and we couldn’t handle their neurosis. The vets even said they should be on drugs the rest of their lives for it. Aren’t mutts technically mistakes (as much as I love them, they are what they are) and inbred as well? Where did they come from, backyard breeders, accidental litters, stray dogs roaming etc? The handful of AKC WELL BRED dogs we’ve owned have been wonderful and easy to train. Health problems are about the same as mutts, sure, but no signs of being neurotic or unpredictable breed traits. I agree that AKC is about money nowadays, it wasn’t always though. There are some horrible breeders out there and there are some horrible people in rescue. I’ve learned to love both worlds despite their drawbacks. We have rescues and AKC dogs in this house and both are turning out great :-)

            • Nicole

              Maybe it is your home that is causing the neurosis! I have 2 rescue dogs. One from a kill shelter and one who was used for puppies and tossed on the street. Both are extremely lovable, calm, wonderful dogs. I also foster for a rescue and have never had a dog that was untrainable. Mutts are NOT inbred. They are usually the result of dog owners now fixing their pets and mating when in heat! There are over 1000 dogs A WEEK killed in shelters! Breeders are money hungry people who have no regard for a dog. They are all about the money, what else is their reason for breeding? NONE! There are plenty of dogs who need good homes why bring more into the world!

            • Dee

              Hmmm, nope. Veterinarian told us there was something seriously wrong with each of those dogs. Wasn’t environmental. Did you not read the part where I said that both akc dogs and rescue dogs were turning out great? I support both worlds. Purebreds were bred for a job, and they do them quite well. Go read up on some FACTS Nicole. A lot of mutts are in bred, not all, but a lot. Yes, most breeders are money hungry people but there are many that aren’t in it for that and do it only to preserve the breed they adore. Your experience with rescue dogs is great, I’ve had the same but I’ve also had very bad experiences with them as well. Did you ever think, without purebred dogs there would be no mutts?

            • Random

              @dee Foolish of you to suggest that most mutts are inbred lol. The literal meaning of mutt is mixed breed, therefore a larger gene pool, due to this fact mixed breed dogs often have the advantage of having a much lower chance of being born with inherited congenital diseases and neurotic tendencies, since the mating process naturally leaves out the defective genes. While in pure bred dogs there are literally no other genes to be introduced so defective genes remain in the gene pool and are passed on to the pure bred puppies.

            • Dee

              Foolish of you to not read my comment properly. I stated that “a lot of mutts are in bred, not all, but a lot.” I simply stated my experiences with both dogs. Mutts can certainly be healthier than purebreds, but it can also be the other way around depending on the background of either. An English Bulldog and a Labrador can mate and get the horrible health problems of both, or….it can rule out all of them. It goes both ways. Relax and get the facts.

            • Tereasa Messer

              You Dee are an imbecile idiot..

            • Dee

              I of course care to disagree. Prove me wrong.

            • Tereasa Messer

              Ignorant… You are a mutt yourself. How dare you demean any dog that is not pure bred. freaking idiot you are going to your death bed dumb.

            • Dee

              Indeed I am a human mutt. If I breed with someone equal to my family’s hereditary medical conditions, what do you think the outcome will be as opposed to breeding with someone with a much more unhealthy and unstable overall hereditaryhealth? Tell me how I demeaned any dog, period. Also, yes I am going to my death bed just as any other human being is when they are close to death, how is that supposed to be an insult? Care to learn some English?

            • Tereasa Messer

              Screw you imbecile

            • Dee

              Scared? She jumped up on her own actually, but thanks for assuming. You are also being reported, your type of human being scares ME very much. They make meds for people like you, also something called a psychward.

            • Tereasa Messer
            • Tereasa Messer

              Look how scared that dog is..that is a shame!

            • Tereasa Messer

              Anyone writing this statement is about in as deep in dumb as possible ”


              4 months ago

              I’m sure a saint bernard and a bloodhound MUTT will stink just as bad
              as purebreds. Half of my mixed breed dogs have had health problems up
              the you know what and were fed an extremely high quality diet. My
              purebreds? One had a uti, that’s it. I love them both but I don’t think
              the fact that they’re purebred or a mutt is going to matter regarding

            • Dee

              Anyone not writing proper English is about as dumb as you can get, surely :-) They have English classes online now for free. Would you like a url?

            • Tereasa Messer
            • Tereasa Messer

              Deven Grall

            • Laurie Cole VanCurler

              Even if one knew the parentage of an average mutt, how would one even know whether or not there was inbreeding somewhere along the line, short of expensive and unnecessary DNA testing??? That being said, how would you be able to say with such certainty that so many mutts are inbred? They’re mutts; nobody’s keeping track.

            • Dee

              Sadly, a lot backyard breeders/craigslist breeders do keep track of when they breed two/three different breeds together. Do some more research. Puppy mills mostly just let dogs breed on their own when they keep puppies from a litter and that’s how you get inbred dogs. Also, stray dogs inbreed quite a bit. It’s just no more fair to say that purebred dogs are inbred more than mutts are or vice versa.

            • Shari Sanpaolo

              Mix breeds are not inbred. Inbred dogs are the same breed connected by genetics.

            • Dee

              By inbred, I mean the mother and father are both inbred in order to make a mixed breed. So all of the good and bad genes have been passed on to the now “mixed” breed puppies.

            • DimwittedDonuts

              You obviously don’t know what “inbred” means. Get a dictionary. And a life. “Purebred” dogs are often bred with first degree relatives (you know, like INCEST??) and THAT my dear is inbreeding.

            • Dee

              Says the “dimwitted donuts” user. Okie dokie :-) that speaks for itself.

            • DimwittedDonuts

              Oh cupcake, you really are not the brightest bulb in the box, are you? YOU and your kind are the dimwitted donuts, you silly little genetic disaster!

            • Lucas

              I feel for you and your kind. I might not agree with Dee, but I definitely do not agree with your responses. This site is meant to educate and entertain, not create arguments between two ignorant people. Good day.

            • DimwittedDonuts

              I’ll give your uninformed opinion of me all the consideration that it deserves.

            • Lucas

              Mine is as uninformed as yours. Thank you.

            • Kimberly Lewis-Olivas

              Dimwitted donuts is correct.

            • Tereasa Messer

              She is Deven Grall and an imbecile

            • jean

              A pure bred is basically a mutt. Each breed was engineered by some one mixing several breeds together. Until they made a dog that they liked. Then they used the same ones again and again. Read!!! My white bull terrier kept getting his dalmatian spots for more than a year!!! That is one of the breeds the “inventor” of that breed used.

            • Kimberly Lewis-Olivas

              I have 3 rescues and they are the most grateful, sweet dogs in the world. Your earlier post makes it seem as though rescue dogs, in general, are somehow all damaged goods. I completely beg to differ. While they had a rough start and may have learned some things they shouldn’t have, when you spend time with them and teach them what you expect, they aremore than happy to try their best to make you pleased. Then it’s a plus to have them because they take nothing for granted. I also have a Puggle, half Beagle and Half Pug. She has the chance of having the trouble each breed has, but she has a longer snout, so she doesn’t have the problems breathing like some pugs do, she has a cuddly disposition like pugs and like to run and play like beagles, the BEST of both worlds without some the problems of the pure breeds.

            • Tereasa Messer


            • Anne

              Actually, mutts (also known as mixed breeds) have a much lower chance of being inbred than pure bred registered dogs. If you look at pedigrees of dogs or even horses for that matter who are bred for specific disciplines or for a certain look, you will find lots of inbreeding the further back you go in pedigree. I don’t totally disagree with the rest of your comment but there is a flaw in that particular aspect of it. Thanks!

            • Dee

              Yes, I should rephrase that. Responsible breeders do not inbreed their dogs. There are many people who do, whether it be mixed breeds or purebreds. I guess more what I’m trying to say is that the chances are pretty equal (no statistic is set in stone yet obviously) when you compare your average mixed breed to a WELL bred purebred. I think everyone is missing the point, both are great dogs but neither is superior to the other ,it’s just preference.

            • Kimberly Lewis-Olivas

              I disagree, I had a purebred Pomeranian and I got her pedigree papers with her, she was inbred, not first line cousins, but second or third line. They do it to make them smaller.

          • Jana Dupre

            You don’t know much about reputable breeders do you.

        • Mepphy Cakes

          Every ONE of the dogs I’ve had have been mixed breed with the exception of one. And you know what? Mutts have less problems, and live longer…why? A large and disgusting percentage of purebreds are inbred. I watched a show about dogs in England (I Forget the name of the show), but bulldogs are getting more and more messed up with jaw structure, bassets are getting lower and lower to the ground and more flabby, and pugs over there are so inbred, it’s ridiculous. Bringing different blood into a bloodline (mixing breeds) helps alleviate this problem. No, genetic disorders don’t magically go away, but going outside of inbred bloodlines can help.

          • SusanF-VT

            I do agree with you on the mixed breed issue, but there are many full breed dogs at the shelter too. We have gotten 2 full breed dogs at our local Humane Societies. One was a Queensland Heeler (blue heeler) and the other is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. We did not know they were pure till we took them to the vet. Both are pretty hardy breeds; no health problems with either of them. The Queensland lived almost 15 years. Her daughter was almost 15 too. That was a big OOPS–mom (heeler) was supposed to have been fixed (scar was there). I had her for 4 years and she never went into heat. One summer our fence came down and we had ‘company'; never saw them do anything. 9 weeks later she had 4 pups. We were able to find homes for 3 and kept 1 of the pups. So OOPS pregnancies do happen :)

          • Dee

            So..instead of bettering bloodlines, we should get rid of purebreds all together? Meaning we can no longer say he’s a “bassett/golden retriever mix” he’s just a mutt period, no say of any prior breed. I’ve had many purebreds live to 15-17yrs old while my rescue dogs live until 7-9 and on same diet and environment. Show me facts please with scientific sources (not opinions) that say Mixed Breeds are healthier and live longer. Also, how do you know mutts aren’t inbred? They more than likely are because you have no idea what they are or where they came from.

            • imaffended

              History tells us that every “purebred” dog …for example a Newfoundland…. was created by breeding different type dogs until the breeder got the desired traits. So over time of breeding Newfoundland with Newfoundland, no new genes are introduced, and sometimes careless breeders mate within a family line. This is what creates health issues within a breed.

            • DimwittedDonuts

              You’re too dumb to own a dog. Now run along.

        • SCB

          My pet is the result of the dog breaking out of the shed in which she was enclosed. Escape is always possible. In my experience, saying “never” is a risky business.

        • Rob

          As the owner of 3 purebred Great Danes I couldn’t agree with you less…you are an ignorant (look up the meaning), rude, uneducated individual with little or no knowledge of dogs and dog breeding in general. You’re are an idiot in the truest sense of the word… please shut up before you make all purebred dog owners look bad.

          • Sandy Barnett

            Rob, there is a huge difference in ‘owing’ purebred pets and being a breeder of same. If you are a breeder, then I question your breeding standards because what Jennifer Quail details in her detest of those who allow litters to mature between cross breeds is a highly regarded fact among those who want to keep their breeds ‘pure’. I don’t feel she made anyone of us ‘purebred’ dog owners look bad, just those who feel the need to put their own opinions to text, as you just did.

            • Rob

              There certainly is a difference…I would never breed a Fawn with a Harlequin. Many breeders do, because they are the latest designer colour and sell well to the uneducated masses. The vast majority of pet owners of purebred or full breed dogs are not using them for show or work. Those that are purists see nothing wrong with line breeding if it promotes a certain quality or physical aspect necessary to win competitions. The damage it is doing on a genetic level is seldom taken into account. The thought of culling a litter to rid the breed of unwanted traits smacks of a White Aryan race mentality. Show dogs are NOT better dogs…they are simply closer to an artificial physical standard set by people that govern the industry. That’s like holding the contestants in a beauty contest up as prime examples of the human race…Lord help us if they are the cream of the crop.

        • John Smith

          Such a clown. It’s always hilarious to listen to “animal” people talk about the cruelty of zoos, aquariums, etc. Poor gorilla, poor elephant, poor orca. They don’t belong in captivity. It’s so selfish to keep animals enclosed.

          *pets dog


          If hybrid vigor is a myth, why are mixed-breed African-American human males superior at measures of physical prowess, when compared to pure-bred Africans and Europeans? Doesn’t look like a myth to me.

        • kim

          whoa there, careful up there on your high horse

        • TheOverturned

          ” The ONLY people who should be breeding dogs are responsible owners of known-lineage purebreds”

          That seems like a bit of opinion there to me. I have bred many dogs over the years and so far nothing tragic has come of that.

          You miss seem to be one of those spiteful individuals. Just because someone doesn’t spay or neuter their dog doesn’t mean the world is going to end.

          • Daniel Pourciau

            I totally agree I’ve lost two dogs in surgery to get fixed is this person saying if a stray jumps the fence in the back yard while my great Dane is in heat I am at fault because I wasnot keeping an eye on her excuse me for having to work to make ends meet it isn’t my fault I can’t take her to work with me

        • EMcClung

          Cull??? and how do they cull?

      • Nathalie Le Roc’h

        And…far healthier than pure breed. If I ever take a dog, I will be careful to choose a cross breed as they have a chance at a longer and healthier life.

      • RightUnite

        Yeeeeah, that’s why dog should be fixed to prevent that from happening in the first place…

      • Mepphy Cakes

        While I’m neither pro spay/neuter or pro intact, for some reason people seem to think pet owners CAN’T control their dogs. They’re not teenagers,they’re animals. Not hard to control animals, either. So saying “oh they didn’t intend” is a load of bullshit. Learn to control your animals and be responsible. Mixed breeds or not, there are WAAAAAAAY too many pets euthanized EVERY year for this very reason. People let their dogs breed and breed and breed and breed, and perfectly good homeless dogs and cats have to die because they “didn’t intend to let them mate”? Irresponsible pet owners.

      • Monica Zepeda Schultz

        I was thinking the same thing

      • kim

        Nailed it.

      • Tulipa Carmen

        i agree 😉

      • Takeitish

        Those Puppies are adorable! I would take one in a heart beat! They are good old American “Mutts” just like the rest of us!

    • Debi

      No matter what you call them, there are a few more puppies that are going to need homes. No matter how we feel about spaying and neutering pets, there are a few more puppies that will need homes. Accidents do happen but in order for another accident to happen so we have a few more puppies that need homes, I would opt for the spaying and neutering idea. That way there won’t be a few more puppies from this mom and dad that will need homes. They are adorable.

    • gonzo

      they look awesome I want one and for those of you who think this is wrong probably don’t belive in interracial dating amongs humans either. stop the segregation and racism you spiteful people

    • angela

      mongrels :'( that is unnecessarily harsh! I have mixed breed dogs and these “mongrels” rule !!! I’m all for spaying and neutering, but like Baleigh stated, you don’t know their situation.

      • Mepphy Cakes

        I like the term “Mutts”,seems friendlier :) I’ve had mutts most of my life, and they were the best companions I could have ever asked for. Cockapoo, beagle/basset, beagle cross (dunno with what), my parents have the silliest teddy-poo, and my sister has a jack russell/dachshund mix.

      • Kyle House

        We have three mixed breed dogs here in our home and all are great health and with a few hyper moments behavior wise! The oldest is a almost 13 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback-Golden Retriever-Pit Bull mix who is so gentle and kind he freaks bpeople out that way. The next oldest is a 8 year old Maltese-Bichon mix. She is the Alpha dog at all nine pounds of herself and runs the pack. The baby is what is known as a Chonzer or Schnauzer-Bichon cross and is very gentle and caring. He came to us by way of the City pound about 6 years ago. All three have good health and have made life much more enjoyable in our home. To the point that my son has matured past his mental delays due to the extra love and support the dogs provide him. For that and other reasons I would NEVER reject a mixed breed animal or human being as some people on here advocate!

    • Elizabeth McCarthy

      That extra long and boring manifesto (JQ) was harsh and you’re too emotional. This was a light hearted post of a person who’s dog had pups and they found them good homes. One rant does not fit all. Jeez! Lighten up, will ya? These dogs are all being cared for. I hope you don’t take that attitude to work or anywhere else. And MS, mongrels? Really? What a snob. Merry Christmas ya’ll! I’m so glad I don’t know either of you!

      I think Wotties is a good name. Better than Wetties, well maybe till after they’re house trained. They sure are cute!

      • lowfiron

        That kind of person will sell you a “less than perfect” dog for big money and make sure the dog is fixed. IOW they sell the rejects, the dogs that “are not good enough”.
        There are too many dogs having litters. All my dogs have been fixed. I always get a rescue, I have never bought from a breeder and I never will. I like dogs bred for work not for show.
        There is nothing wrong with a cross bred dog. While the genetic defects might be passed on or show up in a mutt the reason there are genetic defects is line breeding and incest. This is much more frequent with a dog bred for show or kennel club breeders.
        What? you get a guarantee~ and if the dog has some horrible defect you euthanize that one and get another from the same breeder?
        So boycott the kennel clubs, don’t give them your money. Rescue a dog. Better yet, rescue a working dog.

      • Mepphy Cakes

        I woulda been the stupid one and called them westweilers lol

    • Bev

      Anytime I see people purposefully (or accidently) breeding dogs or cats it makes me sad. There are soooooo many that need homes out there that have been abandoned or neglected. Wish people would take more responsibility with their pets.

      • god_all_mighty

        So when are you getting an hysterectomy? and adopting instead?
        And if you have kids already, don’t forget to have them fixed.

      • sandy

        Thank Bev it made me sad too to read that. There are so many wonderful animals in the shelters I wish everyone would find their companions in shelters and stop breeding

    • Mike GS

      i have always had this problem of characterizing a dog as a ‘mongrel’ – it sounds harsh to the ears and cruel for someone [yes – not ‘something’ or ‘it’] that gave so much joy. But, I never had a problem thinking of another human being as a mongrel.

    • RightUnite

      Hope they had both of them fixed.

    • Kurtice Smith

      I don’t understand you people who are making a big deal out of it it’s not like the people where mad scientist trying to take over the world by creating a new dog breed

    • Roy

      so are the Rostties or Westweilers?

    • Michelle Sacco

      I have 3 dogs 2 females and one male none which are spayed or neutered and neither of my girls have gotten pregnant by my male that’s because I’m a responsible pet owner and I don’t let them get to each other to prevent the population problem… Although I would like one litter of puppies I will not do it because I don’t want any of my litter of puppies to end up with someone who hurts or neglects it or ends up at a shelter … Not everyone who doesn’t have their animals spayed or neutered are irresponsible people and it’s ignorant to even say something like that.

    • Sean Baker

      I have a Lhasa male that mated with my Irish Setter and I caught them in the act. They where locked together backside to backside and my Lhasa was being dragged across the floor with his back paws up in the air. My setter gave birth to 6 of the sweetest dogs. I kept one, he is 4 and still playful like a puppy. Neighbors and friends have the other 5

    • kimiller8304

      All I have to say is that I would love to have one of these dogs, they are adorable and the post was just to show them, not start a war.

    • BodyArmour

      so,…, my question is, aside from all the semantic discussion about pedigree, and genetic anomalies of crossbreeding,.. exactly how did he accomplish the act,.. either he was perched on a chair, (?),.. or he has been endowed grandly,..

    • TampaChessDon

      Must have been a hit and run.

    • Holly Lily Jones

      ‘Mistakes’ happen and luckily this pair look happy and their puppies adorable. Both my dogs are mixes – one a result of a similar accident and one from a rescue centre. The most important thing is #where’smum? Make sure you can see their living conditions and meet the parents. Puppy farms are seriously questionable however you look at it.
      Where is the love?

      “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”Mahatma Gandhi

    • Nancy

      Oh my goodness, how cute! Chocolate westies lol. :-)

    • Anne Simmie

      these puppies are really really cute. I would have one any day.

    • Monica Zepeda Schultz

      Holy crap the people commenting here are crazy! Focus on the topic the two dogs got together and made adorable babies. After reading the comments WHO cares if it’s a mutt or purebred they’re dogs and that alone makes them rock!
      Back to topic, those puppies are sooooo cute

    • Jennifer

      Wow. I can’t believe the haters. It’s a beautiful story of LIFE. Unexpected yes, but life. The made beautiful little puppies. It’s not the end of the world haters. Get over yourself. I bet those pups are smarter than most. ♡

    • Natattackz

      This is a chow/pekingnese mix I had growing up. The chow was the mother lol. We’re still wondering how it happened. He was a wonderful dog who lived a long, healthy life and we still miss him to this day. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151427359567166&set=a.10151427359517166.575179.783157165&type=3&theater

    • eva marie

      there so cute

    • Audrey

      Always spay and neuter your pets.

      • god_all_mighty

        Have you had your hysterectomy yet?

    • abcitseasyas123

      Spay / Neuter so people could have adopted other unwanted dogs! Jesus, what is wrong with people and this website?

    • Eileen Hays

      BOL! How in the heck did that happen? Would love to have seen it. Rottie must have layed down the whole time – maybe she slept through it! Am interested in seeing the size of these pups in about 6 months and if any of them convert with some white in them. I coined a name for a ‘breed’ for mutts. I call them GenChan dogs. Short for genetically challenged. . .

    • Glenda Vick

      Haters gotta hate, but no one can hate these adorable dogs.

    • Guest


    • Harter Maryann

      Cute puppies with irresponsible owners!

    • Lakebluff Linda

      your all so judgmental! is this becoming a dog race issue now…lol when it comes to humans we are all mutts and is that such a bad thing? as long as they are loved and taken care of, what does it matter!

    • Wally Platz

      NO WAY !!! I gotta see that !

    • Why?

      I have never read a comment thread with so much hatred to one another.

    • Michelle Mana

      Lets not forget that part of the problem with homeless dogs is that people do not commit to the dogs for a life time. They have excuses, like , they are moving, or tired of the dog, or new baby, or shedding. If every puppy stayed with the family that adopted them as a pup, we would have a major decrease in shelters. These pups will be adopted in a heartbeat. But the attitude of a Rottweiler and a terrier is going to be strong. Certainly at least more then half will not stay with those who adopted them as pups.. We should advocate people to keep their dogs,, till death do you part.

    • Stephanie Eberhardt Wooley

      Wonder if BSL will consider these dangerous dogs? And before anyone replies, I am anti-BSL

    • Shannon Marie

      Beautiful pups!

    • Victoria Torp

      my parents just adopted an accidental pitbull chihuahua, she is a good girl, funny looking though

    • Rdhddramaqn

      Wow, such negative comments…can’t it just be AWWW!!! PUPPIES! SO CUTE! geez…over analyze everything to death people..

    • DStratton

      If the owner didn’t intend to breed them, she should have SPAYED AND NEUTERED THEM! Please. The stupidity is mind boggling. An intact male and female dog will mate. End of story. Now she has some not so attractive mutts she needs to find a home for.

    • Loyal68

      Jeez, what a bunch of know it all people-haters on this site. Get a life people and leave other people alone!

    • Bella Donna

      I wish that I had a HUGE FARM, where I can rescue all animals! I love dogs and animals so much that I prefer to be with them than most people. If my friends knew how strongly I feel about animals, they would think I’m crazy. I cry hysterically when I see those dog and animal rescue commercials.

    • Barbara May

      Cute pups; irresponsible owners. And to I Love My Dog – I Am ASHAMED of You. You are condoning bad behavior and stupidity. You are encouraging other ‘back yard breeders’ to see what other “designer” dogs they can come up with. Meanwhile, rottweiler rescues across the county are up to their eyeballs in trying to save all the rottweilers and rottie mixes who are on death row in shelters. I imagine the Westie Rescues have the same issues. Please consider using some common sense when posting stories like this. Please remove this article.

    • Heather Stone

      How dumb, a male dog and a female dog living together and are not fixed, and you got puppies??? Wow that is just amazing. Who knew that they would breed? Wow what a big surprise. Not like there are thousands and thousands of dogs being killed everyday because their stupid owners didn’t know that boy plus girl equals babies. Surprised these people can work a job decent enough to afford the food and care for their dogs considering how ignorant they really are to very common concepts.

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