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Irish Wolfhound Gets The New World Record For Longest Tail On A Dog!


Clear the table when Keon comes around, and make sure everything fragile is high out of reach! It’s not that he’s purposefully destructive. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Keon is just a happy Irish Wolfhound with a heck of a tail! When recently measured by a veterinarian, it turned out to be a whopping 30.2 inches long from tail base to tip, not including the hair. This landed him in the awesome Guinness Book of World Records, beating the previous record holder by 1.7 inches!

It’s no surprise that a happy Keon brings a wagging tail that can sweep you off your feet – literally! We all know our big pups are capable of clearing tables with their wagging tails, but Keon’s looks like he could use it as a weapon. He doesn’t though, as the sweet pooch just wants to make friends with everyone he meets.

Keon is quite the gentle giant, so even though he looks rather imposing, he’s true to his breed’s temperament of being calm and social. Irish Wolfhounds are already known for being one of the largest dog breeds in existence, so it makes sense that Keon’s tail is able to hold the world record for being the longest. A very cool feature, we think!

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