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Mama Dog Finds Joy Again After Losing Her Litter In A Fire


In Roseburg, Oregon, a barn fire broke out and resulted in tragedy. Several of the family’s farm animals perished, and among them was a litter of seven puppies.

Their mother, a 2-year-old Great Pyrenees / Border Collie mix named Daisy, survived the blaze. She was rescued from danger while attempting to enter the blazing barn to save her babies.

In the days that followed the devastating accident, Daisy became utterly depressed.

“She’s just been so sad and so heartbroken,” owner Christine Nelson told KVAL. “She just goes down to the barn and just sits there and tries to look for them still. She quit eating.”

Worried about the wellbeing of their distressed pup, her family went in search of other baby animals in need, hoping they’d help fill the void in Daisy’s heart.

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The day after this story aired, Daisy and her humans finally found a ray of sunshine through the darkness. They were contacted by a family who was working hard to care for a litter of newborn puppies who were orphaned after their mother died in emergency surgery while giving birth.

Deanna Murphy-Vest, a daughter in the family that owns the Border Collie pups, told KVAL in an updated story that caring for the 10-day-old puppies was a big undertaking.

“It has been a huge endeavor of everyone pulling together to keep these eight little beauties going with around-the-clock feedings,” she said. “My mom is exhausted.”

When they heard about Daisy’s story and her family’s search for babies to care for, they knew that their motherless litter would be perfect for the maternal dog to foster. After the mama dog and the puppies met, it was clear that the arrangement was going to be a huge success.

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Dog loses her pups in a fire and adopts 8 orphaned ones

“They are border collie puppies. Daisy is half border collie,” Nelson pointed out in the news story. She added, “Daisy is in heaven!”

“It’s hard to see them go anywhere because we are very attached, but we know how our momma dog would have felt if she was in this dog’s situation,” Murphy-Vest told KVAL.

We’re so glad that some good came out of this horrible tragedy. We hope that Daisy’s heart begins to heal, and her surrogate litter are able to live long, healthy lives!

(h/t: KVAL)

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