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New Drug On The Market Works To Ease Dogs’ Fear Of Fireworks And Thunder


With the 4th of July weekend approaching, the FDA just approved a new drug called Sileo to help ease the fear of dogs who are afraid of fireworks or thunder. One of its key characteristics is that it calms without sedating.

According to KHOU news, North Texas vets have already begun prescribing Sileo to their 4-legged patients.

Watch the news clip here:

This could be a game-changer for pup parents whose dogs have a crippling fear of booming noises.

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Check out more tips to ease your pooch’s stress this 4th of July weekend, and be aware of hazards such as tennis ball firecrackers to make sure you and your dog stay safe. Have a happy, healthy weekend!


Would you consider giving Sileo to a fearful dog?

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