If you have a heart for animals in any way shape or form, the reason for this petition is going to absolutely break your heart. It will be clear very quickly why we need your signature and support. You can skip below at any time to sign your support.

We at iHeartDogs.com urgently need your voice and your signature to help shut down a truly heart breaking and horrific event that takes place every June in Yulin, China. Yulin is a small province in southeast China with approximately 6.7 million residents that is known for their yearly "Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival". This barbaric "festival" is exactly what it sounds like - a horrific mass slaughter of dogs and cats in order to create a "unique culinary experience". This brutal "festival" involves what some call "savouring" the delicacies of dog and cat meat. It is driven by the belief that animals who die during the cooking process produce the most tender meat and as a result many animals are cooked alive or tortured. In order to fill the demand for meat, animals are commonly abducted from homes and shelters. There are even dog meat farms that have sprung up in years of late to supply food just for this event.

Some estimate 10,000 - 50,000 dogs and cats will suffer, be butchered, beaten to death, skinned alive and eaten in 2016.

Despite all these things, change is definitely at hand as a new generation of Chinese animal lovers increasingly view dogs as companions. The majority of the Chinese people are appalled at what happens at Yulin, and so together with their voice and ours we can make a difference. The sad reality is that The Yulin Dog Meat Festival will continue to take place every year unless we unite and speak out. It is up to us to come together as one voice to let the Chinese and local Yulin government know that the global community is shouting loudly "STOP YULIN" forever! 

It is with compassion and strong determination we will send this letter - with your signature - to the Chinese Ambassador of the U.S. Ambassador Cui Tiankai and the Governor of Yulin GuangXi Province China Mr. Chen Wu.

Dear Ambassador Cui Tiankai and Governor Mr. Chen Wu, 
We strongly and respectfully urge the Chinese government to end the suffering of the thousands dogs killed annually at the Yulin Festival. It is with great respect for the Chinese people and Chinese culture that we speak out, but are horrified to see the brutality to animals that is a core part of the Yulin Festival. We firmly believe it is our responsibility as a collective humanity to stand together  and protect all animals from any kind of abuse whatsoever.
Beyond permanently ending the Yulin Meat Festival, we are also asking the Chinese government to organize and pass legislation that would indefinitely ban the slaughter of dogs and cats in China and create a punishable offense for anyone who is guilty of harsh treatment, confinement, transport, slaughter, neglect - or any form of animal abuse.

Please join us by signing below and standing up to "STOP YULIN!" We need you.The global community needs you. The dogs need you. 

We plan on sending our first letter no later than June 1st and then continuing to send updated letters detailing the outcry of support and signatures as our support continues to grow. We will not stop until we get justice for all of these animals.

74557 People Have Made Their Voice Heard
  • Julie Marie Pera
    Signed Sunday, June 25th 05:08 am
  • Animals,animals animals! They are feeling,sensing,loving,intuitive,smart,intelligent and precious creatures from God and to abuse or hurt or torture an animal in any way is evil.PURE EVIL.So,you who do this are EVIL.Get some help because we who do NOT do this and who are NOT evil will not tolerate YOU who are!!!! Its OVER!!!! WE ARE DONE WITH YOUR EVIL ASSES!!!!!! Theres no room for your cruel, sick ways in our world anymore so get a clue,end the animal abuse and get nice already or get some help! Theres help out there for angry people who take their anger out on animals or who simply dont respect animals because they were raised to not respect animals and who torture and eat them cause it makes the meat better!!! I PRAY ONE DAY YOU ARE SKINNED ALIVE LIKE MANY YULIN DOGS ARE FOR THE NEXT 7 DAYS AND I HOPE YOU FEEEEEEL THE PAIN AND I HOPE YOUR GOD FORGIVES YOU FOR YOUR HORRIFIC AND DISGUSTING TREATMENT OF THESE PRECIOUS YULIN DOGS WHOS ONLY CRIME WAS IN BEING BORN,...IN YULIN.
  • Cristina Carballo-Perelman, M.D.
    Signed Sunday, June 25th 04:53 am
  • Stop this horrendous cruelty! Dogs are man's best friend and deserves our respect, love and protection. I boycott all products from China.
  • Jamie Trudeau
    Signed Sunday, June 25th 02:19 am
  • Please stop this horrible thing!
  • Adelmar Ortega
    Signed Sunday, June 25th 02:10 am
  • End the dog eating festival! These dogs do not deserve this kind of brutality and should instead be cared and loved by people and families.
  • Lauren carol civer
    Signed Sunday, June 25th 00:33 am
  • Please stop consuming people's pets and dogs in general.
  • Diana Lynn Wilson
    Signed Saturday, June 24th 23:56 pm
  • This is cruel and is horrific. Dogs are meant to be loved, not eaten.
  • Gail Harvey
    Signed Saturday, June 24th 22:35 pm
  • This needs to stop!
  • Patty Hicks
    Signed Saturday, June 24th 22:06 pm
  • Please stop this evil torture of dogs,and cats. Please stop the evil Yulin China Dog Cat Meat Festival. Please stop the dog, and cat meat trade. This is an abomination. It is disturbing on so many levels to decent human beings. Stop stealing family pets. Thank you for your time.
  • Margo Gedeon
    Signed Saturday, June 24th 20:00 pm
  • Please save our companions! ??
  • Deborah Kay Bishop\Deborah Kay Bishop\Banker
    Signed Saturday, June 24th 19:42 pm
  • This is sooo disgusting!!