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Sleepy Puppy Throws The Cutest Tantrum Ever During Her Haircut


Things Puppies Like: People, Other Puppies, Butterflies, Naps…and basically anything they can chew and/or chase.

Things Puppies Dislike: Rules, Collars, Booster Shots…and if this hysterical video of Oreo the 11-week-old Shih Tzu is any indicator, getting their hair cut!

Image Credit: Screenshot via Facebook/Bobbie Lee


Little Oreo is still new to the world and trying to figure out what’s expected of an adorable long-haired pup like herself. When she arrived for her second-ever grooming appointment at a veterinary clinic in Leesburg, GA she happily played and snuggled with the staff, but when it came time to get down to business, Oreo wanted no part of it!

Like any baby in need of a nap, Oreo threw an epic hissy fit! Luckily for us, her friend Bobbie Lee, whose husband owns the clinic, captured the precious puppy tantrum on video!



So little Oreo is getting her second groom….you can’t help but laugh

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