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Success Story: Elsa’s Rescue

Just got this awesome story in from Rescue Bank. Your purchases at iHeartDogs make happy endings like this possible! #AllDogsMatter

“Elsa, a sweet poodle, was found abandoned and alone in Houston, Texas. The women who found her took her in and cared for her. After some time, Elsa’s medical condition got worse. She desperately needed surgery, and to address issues she was having with kidney stones but her rescuer just couldn’t afford to provide what she needed.
That’s when Poodle Rescue of Houston stepped in. They were able to provide Elsa with the care she needed. She got blood work, vaccinated, surgery and a new diet including medication to help with her kidney stones. Without the PRH, who knows what would have happened to Elsa.

Your thoughtful purchases on iHeartDogs allow Rescue Bank to support rescues like the Poodle Rescue of Houston. Animals all over the country rely on these shelters and rescues for the life saving care they desperately need. Thank you for helping us help pets like Elsa.”

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