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Success Story: Zoey’s Amazing Transformation

Just got this amazing story from our charity partner Rescue Bank! It’s because of YOUR purchases at that makes happy endings like this possible!!!

“Meet Zoey, a two-year-old Shepard dog that is one of a kind. Her loving disposition would never reveal her heartbreaking story… When this sweet girl was just 6 months old, volunteers at Oaktree Foundation found her starving and buried under a mountain of rubble next to the railroad tracks.zoey

The sight of tiny, starving, scared little Zoey absolutely broke the hearts of rescue workers. They immediately jumped into action and took her back to their shelter in Big Bear City, and began the process of healing her. Through love, dedication, and lots of food Zoey began to liven up. Her personality began to come out and after nearly a year and a half at the rescue she found her forever home!

Your thoughtful purchases on allows Rescue Bank to support rescues like the Oaktree Foundation Inc. Animals all over the country rely on these shelters and rescues for the life saving care they desperately need. Thank you for helping us help pets like Zoey”

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