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Vet Offers Free Services To Homeless Owners & Their Dogs


For some people who are homeless, a dog is the only family that they have. What’s worse, many shelters don’t allow dogs, forcing homeless pet owners to make a decision: spend the night in a warm shelter with a bed and a meal, or stay cold and hungry on the streets so as not to abandon their dogs. Of course, most choose the latter.

Realizing that there was a huge lack of resources for homeless pet parents, vet student Ruby Shorrock, along with a handful of classmates, opened the Trusty Paws Clinic in Glasgow, UK. She was just 22 at the time, and 2 years later, the clinic’s success has made an incredible impact on the community. She has even won an award for her amazing efforts.

What’s better, is Ruby and her team have inspired many other cities to open up similar services to homeless dog owners in their own communities.

Watch the inspirational video below:

Way to go, Ruby! Your generosity is making a big impact in the UK – and worldwide!

For information on how to donate, click here.

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