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Watch This Floppy-Eared Puppy’s Reaction To Hearing A Strange Noise


There’s just nothing on Earth like the irresistible cuteness of a puppy head-tilt. Full of curiosity in a big, exciting world, when an inquisitive young pup cocks her head, it’s almost impossible not to laugh. As our dogs grow older and wiser, they start to figure out their surroundings. But on those occasions when they still tilt their heads, it reminds us of those curious puppy days.

The German Shepherd puppy in the video below has one of the cutest head tilts we’ve ever seen! With his downy fur and big, floppy ears, his adorableness is almost too much to handle. It’s no wonder his human makes those trills to watch the pup’s reaction – wouldn’t you?

Watch how he reacts to the “strange noise”:

This is so cute! Did you watch that video over and over again? We sure did!

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