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10 American Staffordshire Terrier Owners Share Best Shampoos for Itchy & Sensitive Skin

| Published on March 15, 2023

There’s nothing worse than watching your American Staffordshire Terrier suffers from itchy skin allergies. We asked our community of over 800,000 American Staffordshire Terrier owners the following question: What shampoo do you recommend for a American Staffordshire Terrier with itchy or sensitive skin?

We’ve summarized the best responses below. Always remember to check with your veterinarian before making changes that affect your American Staffordshire Terrier’s health. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be paid affiliate links at no additional cost to you. 

10 Best Hypoallergenic Shampoos for American Staffordshire Terrier’s with Itchy/Sensitive Skin

Jax & daisy look them up

Author: Eric B.

👍 Likes: 1

My boy had dry itchy skin and we switched food to iams and it relieved all the itching. Before switching he was on brewers yeast, and salmon oil supplements, and tried about 5 different shampoo brands all for sensitive skin and the only thing that helped was the iams.

Author: Kyle A.

👍 Likes: 1

Epi-Soothe we get it from our Vet or order from Amazon, Chewy…

Author: Robyn Warwick H.

👍 Likes: 2

I just use a mild conditioner first with warm water and rinse then saturate my baby with baby oil with aloe. Rub in then rinse again. No problems. She’s a white Staffy.

Author: Tracy T.

👍 Likes: 1

Zymox shampoo and leave on conditioner

Author: Lindsey Orlaska W.

👍 Likes: 1

Oatmeal base works

Author: Bev M.

👍 Likes: 3

Jax n daisy

Author: Barb Kaminski S.

👍 Likes: 1

STOP JUST TELLING PEOPLE TO USE DISH SOAP FFS!! There is a reason you don’t use dish soap for things other than the dishes sheeple! Not all soap is the same and not all soap is good for just anything!
Giving a dog a bath with this is sort of alright, once a year or something, but not every time you bathe them! This is one of those “I seen someone….” or “I read somewhere…..” situations that should make people aware of how ignorant they actually are.

Author: Allen S.

👍 Likes: 1

Natural Care Aloe & Tea Tree Itch Relief Shampoo available at Walmart in pink and while bottle has natural ingredients. 

Author: Doris F.

👍 Likes: 1

Anything that has Hemp in it..

Author: DC Muis

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Important note: The above suggestions were provided from our American Staffordshire Terrier owner community. Always do your own research and check with your veterinarian before making changes that affect your American Staffordshire Terrier’s health. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so where applicable links above may be affiliate links to retailers at no additional cost to you. 

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