10 Dog Beds For Pampered Pups

According to sleep.org, the average dog sleeps from 12-14 hours a day (possibly more if they’re puppies or seniors!). So, it’s only natural to want to give our canine companion a bed that’s fit for a king or queen.

Whether you’re a crafty pup parent or prefer to buy things pre-made, these 10 beds are interesting, beautiful, and oh-so-cozy!

1. Fido’s Four-Posted Bed

It’s actually an old side table, flipped upside down! Want to make one for your home? Get DIY instructions at Southern Revivals.

Image Source: Southern Revivals


2. TV Stand Converted To Canine Bed

This is a super cool way to repurpose an old TV stand. Plus, any drawers in the piece can be used for extra storage. Get DIY instructions at Endorsed by Igor.

Image Source: Endorsed by Igor


3. Snuggly Suitcase

Have a piece of beat-up luggage that you no longer use? Turn it into snuggly place for your pup to rest. Get DIY instructions at: Mox & Fodder.

Image Source: Mox & Fodder


4. Wine Barrel Bed

Talk about a classy bed! Wine connoisseurs (and canines) will love this functional statement piece. Get DIY instructions at: The Gilded Horn.

Image Source: The Gilded Horn


5. A Place For “Tire-d” Dogs

I bet you’ve never thought of using a tire like THIS before! Turn your old treads into a cozy little resting nook. Get DIY instructions at: Practically Functional

Image Source: Practically Functional


6. Easy DIY Pallet Bed

Dog beds can be easily made with recycled wood pallets. You can often get these for cheap, or even for free from retail stores who’ve thrown them out. Get DIY instructions at: HGTV.

Image Source: HGTV


7. (Pre-Made) Rustic Pallet Bed

This chic, wooden bed frame is equipped with a built-in food and water bowl stand for your companion’s convenience. You can also get it customized with your dog’s name. Buy one from PawprintWoodWorksCo on Etsy.

8. Personalized Pooch Pad

Order this comfy, customized bed for your dog. The legs will keep your pup off the floor, and your home looking stylish. It’s available through DesignerHomes on Etsy.

Image Source: DesignerHomes via Etsy


9. Royal Canine Castle

If you treat your pooch like royalty and your “spoil level” is over-the-top, consider getting him a fancy palace in which to slumber. Get it on RaiseTheWroof through Etsy.

Image Source: RaiseTheWroof via Etsy

10. Custom Bone Bed

Your dog will love curling up in this adorable bone-shaped bed, where he’s sure to have sweet — or savory — dreams. Order this one from HighlandDesignCo on Etsy

Image Source: HighlandDesignCo via Etsy

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