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10 Great Dog Movies Everyone Needs to Watch

#3 – Old Yeller


Probably one of the saddest dog movies ever (or even just one of the saddest movies all around), Old Yeller is a story of a dog who loves and protects his people but is overcome by illness and can no longer help himself. This heartbreaking coming-of-age tale encompasses all parts of dog ownership, and life in general.

#4 – Lassie


Lassie is probably the dog every other dog would look up to, if they watched movies. Lassie is pretty much the perfect dog and a classic story. You can’t help but love her.

#5 – Lady and the Tramp


Perhaps one of Disney’s best films, Lady and the Tramp does a fantastic job at portraying the goodness of dogs – both loved and stray – and their importance in our lives.

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