10 Great Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

#8 – Make It a Pool Party


If your dog’s birthday is in the hot summer, set up some kiddie pools outside to let your dog and his friends play around in. Better yet, if you’ve got access to a dog-friendly pool, lake, or beach, you can turn it into a swimming party! No matter the pool size, however, the pups are sure to enjoy cooling off in the water after playing around so much.

#9 – Have a Treat Eating Contest


It’s no secret that dogs love food, so why not make a game out of it? Doggie bakeries make mini pies, muffins and cakes and are a great treat to use in an eating contest. If you’re not close to a dog bakery, you can make these treats at home too! Make sure each owner has a hold of their dog so that none of the pups get angry with each other over the food, and see who eats the treats the fastest!

#10 – Make Sure to Supervise


While you likely know your friends and their dogs well, disagreements between pooches can and do happen. Make sure that no dogs are left unsupervised together at any time, and make sure to keep an eye on their behavior around treats and toys. While they may be best friends outside of the yard, a dog might become possessive over their favorite item and aggress and their friend. Always be prepared for anything to happen, and you’re likely to have a fun, safe party!

Photo by Tracy Donald via Flickr.

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