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10 High Maintenance Breeds Who Are Totally Worth The Extra Effort!

Husky Beach

Siberian Husky

This workhorse of a dog often is highlighted for their behavioral issues, but the Siberian Husky can be an amazing dog, as long as she has a job. This breed is best suited for an energetic person/family who loves to run, hike or bike everywhere. With adequate exercise and training, the Husky will show her family the love and affection she is capable of.




Disney didn’t do this breed any favors. When the movies were released, ill suited breeders attempted to capitalize on the Dalmatian craze. Newbie owners didn’t quite understand this breed’s unique perspective on life. They are most noted for running alongside horse drawn carriages, the key word is running. These special dogs need lots of exercise to remain happy and sane.  They blossom under a strong Alpha leader and pledge their loyalty with the right pack.

West Highland terrier

West Highland Terrier

The West highland Terrier (Westie) is considered lively, easy to train, excellent with children and a bonny companion. That is if the Westie in question has proper training, sufficient exercise and firm leadership. Most people who fall in love with the Westie’s charm, aren’t prepared for the Diva tantrum waiting around the corner if none of the dog’s needs are met.


Doberman Pinscher

Thirty years ago, the Doberman was regarded with hesitation and fear. The “Pitbull” of the 70’s and 80’s, it’s taken this long for society to look at this elegant breed and appreciate them for what they have to offer. Strength, stamina, and unwavering loyalty, give a Doberman what he needs and that person will have found a friend for life.


Norwegian Elkhound

It takes a special owner to appreciate the Elkhounds independent spirit. These loyal dogs may be reserved with strangers, but incredibly affectionate with family and friends. Offering the Elkhound firm yet loving leadership, a ton of exercise and a regular job to stave off boredom, an owner will be rewarded with an obedient and loving pack member.



The Collie thrives as a functioning member of a pack. An alpha leader needs to be firm, consistent and gentle with training and set clear boundaries for the dog.  Give a Collie what she craves and the pack will be blessed with an incredible dog that has a keen sense of direction, is easily trainable, mild mannered and great with kids.  She may even alert someone of impending doom involving a well.

OES Forest

Old English Sheepdog

The Old English Sheepdog is easily recognizable for its tri colored, long double tick coat. They can be affable, adaptable and affectionate with humans they know. Under the right leadership, a pack would be lucky to have this unflappable, independent minded canine. Their strong herding instincts tend to take over as they will attempt to “herd” their pack by bumping them where they need to go.

Irish Setter

Irish Setter

Words describing this dog would be goofy, energetic, high spirited, energetic, loving, full of energy, affectionate… was energetic mentioned? It bears repeating, this breed is known for its high energy. The Irish Setter for all it’s wonderful traits, is one of the most energetic breeds available and needs an incredibly active pack to wear him down. Biking, hiking, running anything to get this guy moving and grooving to the beat his pack sets.


Neapolitan Mastiff

This particular Mastiff is not for the first time dog owner. The Neapolitan Mastiff needs a strong, firm leader who sets clear boundaries and provides consistent training.  The dog needs a leader who understands what the breed has to offer and how best to bring out the best in the dog. Once leadership is established, the owner will be rewarded with a peaceful, affectionate, loving dog who may drool uncontrollably, but rest assured, he’s drooling with happiness.


Weimaraner (2)


These beautifully sleek dogs are highly intelligent and will give an inexperienced owner fits, just for the sheer fun of it. Training needs to be consistent and varied to stave off boredom and willfulness. Same with exercise; Weimaraner’s don’t like repetition they thrive on diversity and need the mental stimulation of changing things up often. Give a Weimaraner a run for her money and she will treat an owner with clown antics and undying loyalty.

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Written by Renee Moen
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