10 Hilarious Things Only a Cavalier Owner Would Understand

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on May 16, 2023

Hello, fellow Cavalier connoisseurs! If you’ve found this delightful corner of the internet, chances are you’re an owner of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, contemplating becoming one, or just a curious soul. Fasten your seatbelts, because we’re about to set off on a joyfully jocular journey into the world of Cavaliers, a breed so charming and slightly wacky, they make your everyday life a delight.

  1. The “Cavalier Cuddle Attack”

    There’s nothing quite like the Cavalier Cuddle Attack. These furry bundles of love believe they are lap dogs, regardless of your lap’s current occupancy status. A Cavalier will not be deterred by trivial things like laptops, books, or plates of food. They see a lap, they conquer it, simple as that.

  2. The “Is It Dinner Time Yet?” Look

    For Cavaliers, the anticipation of mealtime is a 24/7 affair. They’ll give you those big, round, pleading eyes that say, “Is it dinner time yet?” even when they’ve just finished eating. It’s their way of keeping you on your toes, or perhaps they’re just always ready for the next gastronomic adventure.

  3. The Fur-Nado

    Shedding is an Olympic sport for the Cavaliers, and they are gold medalists. You’ll find evidence of their fur on your clothes, your furniture, your food, and even places your Cavalier has never visited. You’ve not really experienced the breed until you’ve sneezed out a fur ball of your own.

  4. The Snore Symphony

    Cavaliers are known for their adorable, yet surprisingly loud snoring. Their symphony of snores can easily rival a chainsaw orchestra, creating a unique soundtrack for your nights. You might as well say goodbye to silent nights and hello to the world of the canine orchestra.

  5. The “I’m Not Moving” Protest

    Cavaliers have a special affinity for comfort. If they find a spot they deem comfortable, good luck moving them. It could be your bed, your favorite chair, or even your spot on the couch; if it’s comfortable, it’s theirs, and they aren’t budging.

  6. The Fetch Faux Pas

    Cavaliers are delightfully playful, but their approach to fetch can be a bit…unorthodox. You throw a ball, they run after it, pick it up, and then promptly forget the return part. Or even better, they give you a look that clearly says, “You threw it, you fetch it.”

  7. The Constant Tail-Chaser

    A Cavalier’s tail is a wonder of its own, forever chasing after its own fluffy self. It’s like watching a live-action doggy version of the movie “Inception.” The tail-chases-tail, it catches the tail, gets confused, and the cycle begins anew. A never-ending entertainment loop!

  8. The Cavalier Chauffeur Service

    The cavaliers are not huge fans of walking. Why walk when you can be carried, right? They have perfected the art of looking pitiful until you give in and carry them, transforming you into their personal chauffeur service.

  9. The Unstoppable Licker

    A Cavalier’s tongue is a tool of unstoppable affection. Whether you’re a family member, a guest, or the unsuspecting postman, prepare for the most thorough and slobbery welcome of your life. Warning: this also applies to your morning cup of coffee.

  10. The Pout Master

    If there were a competition for canine pouting, Cavaliers would win, paws down. They’ve perfected the art of the “pout,” whether they’re not getting enough belly rubs or being told they can’t have a bite of your sandwich. That adorable, slightly downturned face is their secret weapon, turning you into a puddle of guilt.

So there you have it! The wonderfully whimsical world of owning a Cavalier, where each day is an adventure filled with laughter, love, and a healthy dose of fur. Despite their quirks, these affectionate, playful, and charming dogs are more than just pets; they’re family. Once you’ve shared your life with a Cavalier, no other breed will quite fill your heart (and lap) the same way.

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