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10 Must-Have Items for Your Dog in A Disaster

As Mother Nature gears up for fall and winter, it’s time to seriously think about our plans for when there is an emergency. It’s easy to think, “oh, I can just grab everything I need if anything happens.” But when that storm starts raging or a major earthquake hits, you are not going be thinking clearly nor have time. Instead, it’s best to have anything for your dog you may need together where you can just grab it and run.

#1 – Portable bowls

Waterproof, collapsible, and lightweight, these are a must-have for your kit. There are many brands and styles available. Sturdi Products® SturdiBox™ are nice because they come in a wide variety of sizes (all the way up to 7 gallons!) and fold nicely for storage/transport.


Image Sourge: Sturdi Products
Image Sourge: Sturdi Products

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