27 T-Shirts Only Serious Dog Lovers Would Wear!

If you’re the proud parent of a rescue dog, then you probably want the world to know. Dog shirts for humans are perfect for showing off how much your furry friend means to you. So, here are 27 t-shirts that are made for the biggest dog lovers out there. Plus, every product donates meals to shelter dogs!

1. Love Paw USA

True love comes from four-legged family members, and this t-shirt says that perfectly.

Love USA dog shirt


2. My Vote

Why talk about politics when you can cuddle dogs instead? Dogs relieve stress better than any politician can.

my vote dog shirt

3. Rescued is My Favorite Breed

Breed isn’t important when you have a loving rescue dog. They’re cute, loyal, and lovable, which is all that really matters.

Rescued is my favorite breed

4. Elegant Heart

Dogs hold a special place in our hearts, which is perfectly captured in this adorable t-shirt.

Elegant heart shirt


5. Drink Alone

Dogs are just as much of a friend as any human. Just because they can’t share your drink doesn’t mean they can’t keep you company.

Dog drinking alone


6. Watercolor Paw

Dog paws make the cutest designs, as long as they’re not tracking mud on your floor.

watercolor paw shirt

7. I Really Love This Dog

Your dog can never hear the words ‘I love you’ too much. So, show some puppy love with this tee.

I really love this dog

8. Wiggle Butt

Money isn’t important when you have an adorable wiggle butt greet you every day.

dog wiggle butt shirt

9. All You Need is Love and a Dog

These are two very important things in life. And if you have a dog, you’re guaranteed to receive love too.

Love and a dog shirt

10. You Had Me at Woof

All a dog has to do is let out a little woof and you’ll fall in love.

You Had Me at Woof

11. Happiness is a Forever Home

There’s nothing better than the happiness a dog feels when they find their forever home.

Happiness is a forever home

12. Puppy Love Sketch

Hearts and puppy paws are the perfect combination. Plus, the dog on this shirt looks cute enough to cuddle!

Puppy love sketch shirt

13. Dogs (Because People Suck)

When it comes to dog shirts for humans, what could be better? We all know that dogs are much kinder than people.

Dogs because people suck

14. Best Friends Have Paws

Human friends can come and go, but a dog will stick by your side for their whole life.

Best friends have paws shirt

15. I Kissed a Dog

Any dog lover can confirm that this statement is true. Dogs give the best kisses!

I kissed a dog shirt

16. Dogs Make Me Happy

Whenever you’re feeling down, let this shirt remind you how to find true happiness.

Dogs Make Me Happy

17. Every Snack You Make, I’ll Be Watching

Cooking can be a pain with a captive audience, but we wouldn’t trade those begging puppy dog eyes for the world.

Every snack you make shirt

18. A Life Without Dogs Isn’t Really a Life

Dogs make life worth living! It’s something that every real dog lover can agree on.

Life without dogs shirt

19. Drink Wine & Pet My Dog

Life should be about the things you love. Rescue dogs and wine seem like the perfect things to focus on.

rescue dogs and drink wine

20. I Heart Wiggle Butts

Who doesn’t love a wiggly butt greeting them at the door? It can turn any bad day into a good one!

I heart wiggle butts

21. I Gotta Pet This Dog

Honest dog shirts for humans are often the best. This one says what dog lovers are always thinking.

I gotta pet this dog

22. The Dog Lives

Dog deaths are the saddest parts of movies, which is why many dog lovers choose to avoid them.

Dog movies shirt

23. Life is Short

Dogs have even shorter lives than us. So, give them plenty of love and playtime while you can.

Life is short shirt

24. Live, Love, and Rescue Dogs

This should be every dog parent’s life motto!

Live, Love, and Rescue Dogs

25. I Have the Best Dog

Even if everyone wore this shirt, none of them would be wrong. Every dog is the best dog.

Best dog shirt

26. Rescue Leash

Wear this shirt to show the world that you’re a proud parent of a rescue dog.

Rescue dog leash shirt

27. Dog Mom

“Dog owners” is such an outdated word. We’re proud dog parents!

Dog mom shirts for humans

If you’re looking to add to your wardrobe, why not buy some of these dog shirts for humans? They’ll show your dog you love them while also helping other dogs in need. Of course, you’ll look stylish too, so these shirts are the perfect way to brag about your perfect rescue dog.

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