28 T-Shirts Only Serious Dog Lovers Would Wear!

1. Love Paw USA

Love Paw USA

2. My Vote

My Vote

3. Rescue Them

Rescue Them

4. Elegant Heart

Elegant Heart

5. Drink Alone

Drink Alone

6. Watercolor Paw

7. Drink Wine & Rescue Dogs


8. Watercolor Heart

9. Wiggle Butt


10. Crazy Dog Lady

Crazy Dog Lady

11. If Love Could

If Love Could

12. Rescue Love

Rescue Love

13. My Dog Isn’t Spoiled

My Dog Isn't Spoiled

14. Dogs Are My Favorite People

Dogs Are My Favorite People

15. Four Legged Word

4 Legged Word

16. I Kissed a Dog

I Kissed a Dog

17. The More I Love My Dog

The More I Love My Dog

18. Dog Hair Shirt

Dog Hair Shirt

19. Don’t Keep Calm

Don't Keep Calm

20. Drink Wine & Pet My Dog

Drink Wine & Pet My Dog

21. To the Moon and Back



22. Sip Coffee and Pet My Dog

Sip Coffee


23. The Dog Lives


24. Forever Changed



25. Pawprints On My Heart



26. Rescue Love Repeat



27. Meet You at the Bridge



28. Ban Idiots


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