11 Dog Subscription Services That Make Your Life Easier

Our lives are hectic. Between work, kids, dogs, social life (what’s that?), it’s hard to always get everything done. Subscription services started out as sort of a novelty idea within the pet industry, but they are rapidly gaining popularity as pet owners realize how useful they are. You can ensure your dog will be getting new toys, treats, food, etc., without having to go to the store yourself. In fact, you don’t even have to think about it, because they are shipped automatically! And, I bet you didn’t know all the options you have when it comes to these services. Below is a list of the top dog subscription services. Do you use one that’s not listed here? Share in the comments!

#1 – Five Star Raw Diets

If you feed raw and often find yourself out of food because you forgot or didn’t have time to shop, this subscription service just might be a life saver. Five Star Raw Diets are the only raw diet that is USDA certified, inspected and approved. It is 100 percent sourced and made in the USA. Their subscription plan includes 12 one-pound chubs delivered every two weeks. FiveStarRaw.com 


#2 – LootPets

This is a fun monthly box for those with “geeky” pets. Each month you will get fun toys and accessories (including bowls and collars!) that are themed! For example, December 2015’s was Star Wars themed. And January 2016 is “invasion” featuring Battlestar Galatica, Space Invaders and The X-files. This is definitely the coolest subscription box around. Lootcrate.com 

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#3 – BarkBox

The original subscription service, BarkBox delivers a box of dog healthy treats and toys catered to your pet’s size and allergens each month. You can choose one, three, six, or twelve month plans. Barkbox.com

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#4 – BullyMake

Have a powerful chewer? This box is tailored to dogs that love to chew! They deliver toys and treats based on your dog weight and any allergies. Each item is selected for its durability and toughness. Bullymake.com

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#5 – Pawstruck

Pawstruck.com manufactures and sells healthy natural dog treats, chews, food, and other products. On almost all their products, we allow customers to sign up for an “auto-delivery” program. You can select from weekly, monthly, and bimonthly shipments. Since most of their products are consumable, this allows you to pick the plan that works for your dog’s rate of consumption, so nothing goes bad. Then, the products arrive at your doorstep automatically. Pawstruck.com

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#6 – Toy of The Month Club

If you have a dog that isn’t big onto chewies or treats, or is on a strict diet, then this is a great box for you because it’s just toys! Offered by BaxterBoo.com, you get a new toy sent to you every month. Baxterboo.com

ds6 baxterboo

#7 – Poop Bag Club

This is great for the busy urban dog owner for forgets to buy poop bags – never worry about running out again. You can choose between 60, 90, 120 or a custom number of bags to be delivered each month. Bags are eco-friendly, compostable and you will receive a free holder with your first shipment. Findsubscriptionboxes.com

ds7 poopbagclub

#8 – Be Pawsitive

This box is for the dogs that are not so big on toys, but loves treats! Each month you will get a box full of natural, USDA certified organic, oven-baked dog treats. Your dog will be pleased with the fact that each month brings a new flavor! Plus, for each box you buy, one is given to an animal shelter. Findsubscriptionboxes.com

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#9 – Bloom Of The Month Club

Maybe your dog prefers to dress up each month rather than eat treats or chew toys. This clever Etsy artist has a “bloom of the month club,” where each moth your pet will receive a different collar flower. Her flowers are adorable and how fun to get a new one each month! Etsy.com

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#10 – PawPack

This subscription service is nice because you get a little bit of everything. Your dog will not only get toys and treats, but also function accessories such a grooming products. They feature hypoallergenic products and limit the amount of chicken (a common allergen) that they send out. However, they do not offer specific customization on boxes. Pawpack.com http://pawpack.com/

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#11 – PetFlow

PetFlow is a delivery service website where you can choose what food or treats you get and when. They have many brands, including prescription. Petflow.com

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