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11 Reasons Your Dog Is Your Spirit Animal

There are some days when humans are just hard to relate to. They don’t understand our snack habits. They don’t get our humor. They shoot down our ideas, and sometimes, they just get us down. But with dogs, it’s different. They’re supportive, compassionate, and never make us feel inferior. And what’s more, most of their favorite things to do are ours, too! So here are 11 reasons why our dogs are our spirit animals, because if we were to be reincarnated, we’d want to be our dogs, paws down.

1.You literally have entire conversations with your pup, because they respond to you with perfectly accurate facial expressions. “Bad news, Barkley. I ate the last piece of bacon.”

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2. You and your pup have so much in common. For instance, you’ve never met anyone else who loves napping as much as you do. We just napped two hours ago…it’s about time for another! 

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3. And by some divine miracle, you’ve finally found someone who loves all the same TV shows as you! It’s really uncanny how you two are always on the same page.

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4. But when it’s time to get some fresh air? He’s always down for an adventure, too! And never complains when it’s his turn to carry the backpack. Fair is fair.

While hiking the White Mountains

5. In fact, your dog is the only one who you can really depend on to keep your plans, no matter what they are. “Where we goin’?”

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6. Because she thinks that every idea you have is THE BEST IDEA EVER!  #egoboost. Really, could there be a better pair?

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7. This includes supporting your love for food. Every time you suggest “snack?” you know your pup will be DTM (down to munch). It’s like your tummies are synced or something. Or maybe it’s just that you’re both always hungry.

Libby Hospice: Another Ice Cream Cone - Photo 2
Pete Markham via Flickr

8. She even has the same taste in fashion! All your favorite shoes are her favorite, too. Only, it’s for a different reason…Does someone else have a shoe fettish?

Bad dog.
BuzzFarmers via Flickr

9. But it’s okay, because the truth is, no one can make you laugh quite like your dog can. Who else gets your quirky sense of humor?

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10. And there’s something so comforting in knowing that whenever you come home–from work, vacation, or something longer–your dog will be the happiest one to see you. “BEING WITHOUT YOU IS LIKE MISSING HALF OF MY SOUL!”

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11. So even on those tough days when humans get you down, we’ll always have our dogs to level with us because they’re our spirit animals. “Ommmmmmm…”

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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