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12 Best Dog Breeds For Toddlers

Written by: Scott H
Scott Haiduc is the Director of Publishing for iHeartDogs, iHeartCats and The Hero Company. When not working, Scott spends his time on the farm, taking care of his animals and crops.Read more
| Published on September 9, 2015

Almost all dogs can be suitable for children if the children are taught to be respectable toward animals, the dogs are well-trained and the parents have realistic boundaries and expectations. That said, some take quite a bit more work than others and many just aren’t tolerant at all. Remember, no matter what breed you have, all dogs must be supervised around children. If you’re looking for a breed that does best around toddlers, consider the ones on this list.

#1 – Golden Retriever


The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds for families for good reason. They are active, playful, affectionate and extremely tolerant of young children. Even-tempered and easily trained, they are an excellent choice for a family companion.

#2 – Labrador Retriever


Like their Golden cousin, Labrador Retrievers have remained the most popular dog in the United States because of their outspend temperament. They are clownish, playful dogs that bond deeply with their families and enjoy spending time with everyone.

#3 – Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Despite their fighting history, Staffordshire Bull Terriers have long been nicknamed the “nanny dog” because of their affinity toward children. In fact, the breed is very gentle and docile toward people, including toddlers, and makes a fantastic family companion.

#4 – Beagle


One of the smallest hounds, the Beagle is known for its gentle demeanor and goofy personality. They are a wonderful choice for families with children and are known for being tolerant and easily adjustable.

#5 – Newfoundland


Although large, the Newfoundland is a gentle giant that was originally used as a water rescue dog. Because of this, it has maintained its incredible stable temperament and friendly personality. They are very docile dogs that do well with young children.

#6 – Collie


We’ve almost all seen the movie Lassie and although a fictional character, Collies are not entirely overdone in the film. They are stable, intelligent and social dogs that do well with families that have young children.

#7 – Basset Hound


The Basset Hound is a somewhat lazy, gentle dog that bonds deeply with its family and enjoys spending time with them. They are tolerant of children, social with strangers and make great companions.

#8 – Whippet


Although sighthounds are consider to be more cat-like, Whippets are known for having an odd affinity toward children. They are somewhat lazy indoors but do need moderate exercise. The breed makes an excellent family companion but caution should be taken around small animals due to the breed’s hunting history.

#9 – English Bulldog


The English Bulldog is fun-loving, affectionate and clownish. They make excellent family companions and are typically social with adults and children alike. They are tolerant of toddlers and adjust quickly to new sounds and activity.

#10 – Keeshond


The Keeshond, despite its spitz-type heritage, is very affectionate and playful toward young children. They are extremely social and fun-loving, often consider to be “Velcro dogs.” Keeshonden bond closely with their families and do not do well when left alone for long hours.

#11 – Bernese Mountain Dog


Another gentle giant, the Bernese Mountain Dog is affectionate and tolerant of young children. They are even-tempered but powerful dogs that make great family companions so long as they receive adequate exercise.

#12 – Irish Setter


The Irish Setter is known for being a very social and playful dog, loving its family and strangers alike. They have an affinity toward children and can make great family companions. They are active dogs that do best with proper exercise.

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