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15 Beers For The Dog Lover

During the holidays, alcoholic beverages are often given as hostess gifts or brought to parties as a nice gesture. If the receiver is a dog lover, then you definitely need to check out this list of dog-inspired beers. Do you have a favorite not listed? Share in the comments. And please, drink responsibly this season – remember your four-legged best friend is counting on you to make it home.

#1 – Chasing Tail Golden Ale

Crafted by Squatters Craft Beer, they have been a big supporter of animal causes over the years. Recently, they partnered with Best Friends Animal Society for an adoption event in Los Angeles.  The name is taken from our brew master’s dog Payson’s habit of chasing her tail every night at dinner time.

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#2 – Backseat Berner

This American IPA is named after Oslo, Brewmaster Mike’s 150 pound Bernese Mountain Dog whose is featured on the label.


#3 – Laughing Dog Brewing

This company is all about the dogs – their motto is “Fetchingly good beer!” They have several choices when it comes to dog named brews, including Rocket Dog Rye IPA, Dogzilla Black IPA and Sneaky Pete, to name just a few. They all have dogs on their labels. The Yellow Lab is “Ben,” the founding family’s dog. 

b3 beers

#4 –  Rogue’s Yellow Snow IPA

We all know what yellow snow means…This beer is only available through Oregon’s snow season, which ends in March. It features a Black Lab Brewer, Roque’s original chairman on the board, on the label. You will even be greeted with a bark when you go to their website.

b8 22oz-yellowsnow

#5 – Flying Dog

How this brewery started is just about as strange as its name. Astrophysicist George Stranahan had just conquered K2 (the second highest mountain in the world) and was celebrating at a hotel in Pakistan. After drinking quite a bit, Stranahan’s eyes caught sight of a “full-on oil painting of a dog  A beautiful oil painting, big, nice. And the dog was like…well, he had left the ground. Here we were, the March of the Innocents and this ‘Flying Dog,’ and the weirdness of it all. And the combination of the words ‘Flying Dog’ stuck with all of us, but particularly for me.” And that is where the brewery got its name. Many of the beers have dog themed names such as Raging Bitch, Snake Dog, and Double Dog. 

b5 flyingdog

#6 – Blue Dog

This Australian brewery company is named after “Chuck” a Blue Heeler who is a “constant companion in the brewery and workshop.” 

b7 bluedogbrewery

#7 – Sea Dog

It’s not surprising that a brewery named “Sea Dog” is located in Maine, on the East Coast of the United States. But it’s not named after an old sea captain, but a great dog. Barney, a Great Pyrenees, was the “apprentice brewmaster and figurehead” for the brewery. Unlike most Pyrenees, he loved the water and would dive right in whenever he could. He was given the nickname “sea dog” because he grew up on a boat, sailing at the age of just three months.

b8 SeaDogBeerBluepaw

#8 – Brew Dog

Created by two guys and their dog, this craft beer company has a cute artsy dog on it’s logo, though no themed beers at this moment. They are not just crafters of beer but pub owners, with pubs throughout the UK and now the United States.

b8 1425481799Vaga

#9 –  Hair of the Dog

This brewery is located in Portland, Oregon, were craft brewery has elevated to an art form. Aside from the brewery name and the tough bulldog on the label, they have a few beers with dog inspired names such as Doggie Claws – perfect for the holiday season.

b9 doggieclaws

#10 – Sleepy Dog Brewery

This brewery has one of the cutest doggy mascots – a sleepy Dalmatian! Their beers are dog-themed too, with names like Red Rover Irish Ale, Wet Snout Milk Snout, Cherry Wooferweizen, and more. 


#11 – Avery Brewing

While the name of the brewery is not dog-related, they do have one very special beer, Ellie’s Brown Ale. It’s named after Adam Avery’s late Chocolate Lab, Ellie, who passed in 2002.

b11 averybrewing

#12 – Stoudts Brewing Company

Like Avery, this brewing company is not named after a dog. Still, they do have dog-themed beers: Fat Dog Stout and Winey Dog.

b12 fatdog

#13 –  Big Dog’s Brewing Company

Based in Las Vegas, Big Dog’s beer line-up has amazing names like Dirty Dog, War Dog, Red Hydrant, and Tail Wagger Wheat. 

b13 dirty-dog-web

#14 – Lagunitas Brewing Company

Another brewery whose name is not dog-related but they do use a dog as a mascot on some of their labels and all of their caps. And it’s not just any dog either. The dog is a visage to Petey, the American Staffordshire Terrier who stole the hearts of millions in The Little Rascals.

b14 GnarlyWine_22oz_web

#15 – HalfAcre Beer Company

The last on the list has a beer named “Chub Step Porter” and when you look at the label you will see why – it’s named for a short and stubby French Bulldog. 

b15 Chub-Step-2013

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Written by Kristina Lotz
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