15 Dog Breeds That Just Want To Chill

While temperament certainly comes down to the individual, there are some basic breed characteristics that ring true for the vast majority of dogs in a given breed. If you’re looking for a dog that’s low maintenance in the activity level, look no further than this list. These dogs typically prefer as little exercise as possible, but don’t been mistaken in thinking they don’t need any at all. All dogs need at least a daily walk to stay healthy and happy; these breeds just might not want to go on hikes or romp in the park for as long as others do.

#1 – English Bulldog


Although originally bred to be a working dog, the English Bulldog is now a particularly lazy breed that doesn’t require much exercise to maintain a happy and healthy mindset. In fact, potential Bulldog owners are often forewarned about their level of snoring!

#2 – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a sweet, docile dog that makes an excellent companion for someone looking for a lapdog that needs little exercise. They are still playful dogs that enjoy spending time with their families.

#3 – French Bulldog


Like its English cousin, the French Bulldog is a lively breed that needs minimal exercise to stay healthy and happy. They are very goofy but lazy dogs prone to snoring. They make wonderful companion dogs for those looking for a lot of personality and low exercise requirements.

#4 – Lhasa Apso


The Lhasa Apso is a small dog from Tibet that were used as watch dogs in monasteries alongside Buddhist monks. Because of this, they are very alert dogs that will notify their owners of people coming over. However, they are very sweet and social dogs that enjoy spending time with people. They need very little exercise and prefer to rest on couches near their owners.

#5 – Chinese Shar-Pei


The Chinese Shar-Pei is a very ancient dog breed, although its ancestry is relatively unknown. It was originally used as a general purpose farm dog hunting, herding and guarding property in the countryside. However, the modern breed is very lazy and needs little activity to stay happy and healthy.

#6 – Pekingese


The Pekingese is a small toy breed that makes an excellent lapdog and family companion. Although their name references Chinese guardian lions, the breed is very passive and social, preferring to sleep inside on couches, beds and other furniture.

#7 – Basset Hound


The Basset Hound is a scent hound used for hunting rabbits and hare, a function that lead to its short stature. The breed is very social, sweet and playful but is relatively lazy and doesn’t require much exercise to stay happy and healthy. They make excellent family companions and are a great choice for those with children.

#8 – Shih Tzu


Shih Tzu are affectionate and playful dogs that make excellent family companions. They desire very little exercise and would rather be asleep on their owner’s lap than outside. That said, they are clever escape artists and care should be taken to make sure they don’t get loose when you’re away.

#9 – Bullmastiff


Although large and imposing, the Bullmastiff is a very lazy dog that doesn’t require much exercise at all to remain happy and healthy. In fact, for those not bothered by size, the breed is an excellent choice for apartment dwellers or those without a large yard.

#10 – Chow Chow


The Chow Chow is a native Chinese dog and is one of the few ancient dog breeds still in existence today. They have a primitive temperament and are fiercely loyal, making them a bad choice for most first-time dog owners. They are fairly lazy dogs, however, and require little exercise.

#11 – Newfoundland


The Newfoundland was originally used as a water rescue dog in the cold waters of Canada, but today is a much lazier breed that makes an excellent family companion. Although they do love to swim and make suitable hiking companions, they are very lazy around the house and are most often found asleep when not being asked to do otherwise.

#12 – Dogue de Bordeaux


The Dogue de Bordeaux, or French Mastiff, is another large breed that looks much more frightening than it actually is. In fact, they are relatively social dogs that are also very lazy and make great companions for those looking for a large breed that requires little exercise.

#13 – Japanese Chin


The Japanese Chin, also known as the Japanese Spaniel, is a small toy breed that was developed solely as a companion and lapdog – a job it still excels at today. They require very little exercise and would much rather be inside with their families. They are considered to be very cat-like in temperament due to their intelligence and independence.

#14 – Chinese Crested


The Chinese Crested is a unique breed that comes in both a coated and hairless variety. Although they are known to do well competing in various dog sports, they are very lazy dogs around the house and are most often found sleeping next to their owners when not asked to do otherwise.

#15 – English Mastiff


The Mastiff is a giant breed that requires very little exercise, especially when compared to its size. They are very powerful but gentle dogs, making excellent family companions and guard dogs alike. As a whole, they are relatively lazy and require very little exercise to stay happy and healthy.

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