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15 Dog Breeds That Hardly Shed

Love dogs but hate the pet hair? You’re in luck!

There are a TON of beautiful dog breeds with great personalities and characteristics that would make perfect additions to homes of all kinds. Whether you suffer from allergies or just hate messes, prefer a small, medium, or large-sized dog, there is a virtually non-shedding breed that will fit perfectly with your lifestyle.

Categorized by size, here are 15 awesome dogs breeds and a brief synopsis of their characteristics, according to Dog Channel and the American Kennel Club (AKC):

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Small Breeds

1. Bichon Frise

AKC description: “Playful, curious, peppy”

If you’re looking for a pint-size companion that’s compact enough for apartment living, this may be your guy.


2. Italian Greyhound

AKC description: “Alert, playful, sensitive.”

These mini-Greyhounds are very affectionate, but due to their delicate limbs, may do best in a home with adults and older children. (Want a bigger version? Check out Greyhounds.)


3. Maltese

AKC description: “Charming, gentle, playful.”

If you hate shedding but love fluff, this cuddly lapdog is a great option.


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