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15 Dog Breeds That Hardly Shed

4. Miniature Schnauzer

AKC description: “Friendly, smart, obedient.”

Popular for a reason, these dogs are obedient, loyal, and versatile, thriving in both city and country environments. (Note: this breed comes in standard and giant sizes, too!)

mini schnauz

5. Yorkshire Terrier

AKC description: “Affectionate, sprightly, tomboyish.”

If you’re looking for a big personality in a small package, you may want a confident and tenacious Yorkie. (Note: this can make them difficult to train, though!)


Medium Breeds

6. Irish Terrier

AKC description: “Bold, dashing, tenderhearted.”

Though he can be known as a “daredevil,” this spunky dog can also make a great companion for children. (As always, exercise caution on an individual basis.)


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