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15 Signs Your Dog Might Actually Be Your “Baby”

6. And you set up a high chair so your pup can join you at the table.

I mean, a “family dinner” includes the whole family, right?

dog highchair

7. You bring a stroller on long journeys, just in case your fluffbutt’s legs get tired.

Because you like to bring her with you everywhere! Plus, you’ll need it for her to take her afternoon nap.

dog in carriage

8. You love playing silly games with your little buddy.

When summertime rolls around, you can’t wait for him to experience the joys of the beach for the first time! “C’mon Charlie, let me bury you in the sand! HAHA! You look so funny!”

dog games

9. And when time doesn’t allow for a trip to the coast, you fill up the kiddie pool in the backyard. 

Harold just loves swimming in the pool! He could stay in there for hours!”

dog in pool

10. As the weather changes, you make sure your dog enjoys all the fun the season has to offer. 

You may be guilty of raking leaves into a pile just so your favorite fluffer can frolic in them.

dog in leaves

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