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20 Foods for Schnauzer with Sensitive Stomachs

| Published on November 25, 2022

There are few things worse than dealing with diarrhea in your Schnauzer! We asked our 800,000 members from our Schnauzer community on facebook the following question: “What’s the best food for a Schnauzer with a sensitive stomach?”

We’ve summarized the best responses below. Always remember to check with your veterinarian before making changes that affect your Schnauzer’s health. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be paid affiliate links at no additional cost to you. 

20 Best Foods for a Schnauzer with a Sensitive Tummy

I’ve been feeding my schnauzer Hills Science Diet for sensitive stomachs. She’s been great since starting it

Author: Peggy S.

👍 Likes: 37

Purina Pro Plan salmon for sensitive stomachs. My entire pack eats this. All 7 plus the grandpuppy

Author: Lisa Marie Johnson F.

👍 Likes: 20

Not a food recommendation, but would HIGHLY recommend this probiotic chew from Amazon. My dog thinks they are a treat and it solidified her poop in about 3 days.

👍 Likes: 8

My mini’s sensitive stomach resulted in pancreatitis that almost killed her. She was at Blue Pearl several days. She can not handle fat. She is now on a vet prescribed Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Low Fat food and she is awesome. We tried several different foods and each gave her pancreatitis. The last was the worst. Since this food she has not had an issue for over 3 years now. It does cost more than some foods but considering treating her condition was at least 2-3 thousand dollars, this food is well world it.

Author: Karen B.

👍 Likes: 23

I recently put our girl on Farmers Dog. I had cooked for her for several years, but I was concerned that she wasn’t getting enough vitamins etc. she loves the food and, she is very healthy…but…it’s not inexpensive. It comes once a month, frozen in packets, and you feed according to the weight of your dog. I’m very happy with it.

Author: Barbara E.

👍 Likes: 2

I give mine Nutro brown rice and lamb. Low in fats which is what is upsetting to their tummies. They get raw carrots, apple bites and banana bites if I’m eating a banana.

Author: Pamela M.

👍 Likes: 1

We have done great with Fromm foods! I won’t buy anything else for our crew.

Author: Lisa Lindsay S.

👍 Likes: 2

Trust me! I tried everything. Even made my own food. The only thing that truly worked was royal canin sensitive which is prescribed by the vet. We get it through chewy and they have to call and get the prescribed dog food and then it’s delivered. A pet store doesn’t carry it even pet smart because it’s prescribed. It’s pricey but my dogs poop is back to normal! He will be on this forever.

Author: Melissa Jones B.

👍 Likes: 3

Purina pro plan En prescription diet for sensitive stomachs. My entire fur family has used this and also helps with pancreatitis

Author: Samantha Mills C.

👍 Likes: 2

I was told lamb and rice. I use a sensitive stomach brand called Earthborn and no issues at all. All of my previous schnauzers had stomach issues, pancreatitis, kidney and diabetic issues but nothing on this food now for 5 years!!!!

Author: Debbie M.

👍 Likes: 3

My 13 year old mini Schnauzer has several health issues and has to be on a strict diet. he has liver disease, kidney disease, pancreatitis, heart issues and just getting old…He has been on Royal Canin Selected Protein for about 5 years and loves it.

Author: Joy Nash P.

👍 Likes: 3

I do a homemade ..rice and sweet pot green beans I switch it up sometimes. With lean ground beef. Steak or chicken. I also mix a little cottage cheese after I warm it up. Not every day but they love it. I have one that gets pancreatitis easy and this has worked so well for me. I also do sweet potato pasta instead of the rice with vegetables and meat. Stores in refrigerator great. I found that even tho everything is high I don’t spend any more doing homemade then buying and the Gastro diet food are super high.

Author: Lori C.

👍 Likes: 3

Have always fed my current dogs raw. But a previous mini had a dodgy tummie and I ended up making my own food. Chicken and rice with some fresh veggies like carrots I put through the food processor. There are several natural supplements that are good for digestion as well that are to find on the internet. Also made a white fish and potato dish. Made it it large batches, separated into smaller containers and froze.

Author: Dawn G.

👍 Likes: 1

We feed our Zignature dry dog food highly rated from veterinarians.

Author: Mary Hinds A.

👍 Likes: 0

My schnauzer has a major sensitive stomach. We’ve gone through several sensitive stomach prescription diets. We finally found one that he is great with. It is the Pro Plan HA Hydrolyzed food. He’s been on it for about 6 months now and doing wonderful!

Author: Laurie S.

👍 Likes: 0

Real food – not kibble! My schnauzers love Small Batch, Primal, and most recently we tried a dehydrated food that we rehydrate from Big Dog Naturals. Big Dog Naturals is a fermented food so it helps with gut health. Adding goats milk/fermented milk to any other balanced, real food diet will also help add the good bugs to their gut. Please don’t feed your beautiful schnauzers Hills, Royal Canin, Chicken and rice, or some other garbage food.

Author: Yvonnda S.

👍 Likes: 1

Honest Kitchen. My 12 year old boy had pancreatitis. Had 2 really bad spells. I switched to this food and no more issues. Also check out Dr. Karen Becker, holistic vet. She’s on Facebook. Lots of informative articles.

Author: Deb M.

👍 Likes: 0

Schnauzers are known for their sensitive stomach’s and need a low fat diet. Ours has Royal Canin gastrointestinal low fat with low fat treats. He did have a bout of pancreatitis end of may this year and we feel this was brought on by red meat which we used to give him once a week as a treat, so the only ‘meat’ we give him now is chicken as its kinder to his stomach.

Author: Jackie W.

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Mine gets Hills Science diet for sensitive stomachs and I also give her some of the same in dry with it. Along with a tablespoon of beef broth and 6 blueberries. The broth helps a great deal with preventing UTI. It makes them drink more water

Author: Vinny S.

👍 Likes: 0

We started feeding ours Taste Of The Wild – High Prairie when we first got him 9 years ago. He had trouble digesting all the others. Haven’t had any problems since.

Author: Melinda McNeely G.

👍 Likes: 0

You could can fresh food. I can this for my fur baby. May want to try a single batch. Add to or take away any of the ingredients you want. My dog loves it. I also mix it with the dry dog food.


1 – 1.5 pound of chicken ground or cut into small pieces

2 cups cooked rice (white or brown rice)

3 large carrots cooked & chopped

1 medium Sweet potato

2 large handful of cooked & ground green beans

2 boiled egg chopped with shell

1 Tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar

2-3 cups of chicken broth

Ingredients: 3 X=18-19 pints (Same directions)

5.5 – 6 pounds chicken ground or cut into small pieces

7 cups cooked rice (white of brown rice)

9 large carrots cooked & ground

4-5 small Sweet potatoes

3 handfuls of cooked green beans chopped

7 boiled eggs chopped finely with shell

3 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar

6-7 cups chicken broth

(The raw chicken will produce broth also.)


Chop the rice up so that it becomes single grains. Grind the boiled eggs shell and all also grind the vegetables or chop them in a food processer. Mix the rice, chopped eggs and chopped vegetables so they stirred until they are well blended.

Add the Vegetable broth and the chicken stock stirring the mixture well. Sprinkle the apple cider vinegar into the mixture and stir well. Add the chicken and mix well.

Cold pack the chicken mixture into warm jars and place them into the heating Pressure Canner.

Once all the chicken mixture is in the jars and the jars are in the Pressure canner place the lid on the pressure canner. Bring the pressure up to 10 pounds and pressure can Pints and half pints for 75 minutes.

You can change the meat, to beef or any other meat your pups will eat. I add one pound of chicken livers well chopped if I have them.


You can pack this mixture into Foodsaver or freezer bags and place in your freezer to thaw out for each day’s use. This is okay to serve cooked or raw depending on your preference.


This recipe has no wheat, no corn, no oats and no preservatives. There are not a bunch of chemicals that the dog food companies are killing our pets with.

I find a pint of this will feed my toy poodle about one and a half days. It may be different according to age and energy level of your dog.

This recipe is not scientifically tested. Understand also the USDA does not recommend canning rice because rice swells and increases the density in the jar. I do not recommend canning in jars larger than pints.

Author: Shirley Berry M.

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