20 Photos That Prove Retrievers Are The Most Lovable Pups Around

Picking a favorite dog is a lot like picking your favorite child. You probably have one, but nobody admits it because they’re all adorable. So let’s just pretend that there are people that like Retrievers a little more than they like other breeds.

There’s nothing wrong with that! And, after scrolling through this list, it’ll be easy to see why Retrievers are a favorite dog in many countries around the world. Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers… they’re all so perfect!

Here are 20 Retrievers who are working hard to prove they’re the most lovable pups around!

1. Here’s a whole gaggle of Golden Retrievers that are completely enamored by tiny kittens. It’s almost as if they want to… retrieve them.


2. If you’re going to be part of a love triangle, this is the way to go.


3. I’d be willing to be this is what it looks like when you’re ascending up to Heaven. Just one little nose boop and I’ll be on my way! *boop*


4. “Excuse me, sir. This briefcase contains very important Lab documents.”


5. When you’re a little chubby but nothing can stop you from an adventure with your best friends…

"Guess I’m still carrying a little holiday weight." from gifs

6. This baby Golden Retriever has a really unique birthmark on his face! Ten bucks says his name is Spot.


7. “Meh. Walks, schmalks. Let me just take a little siesta in the riviera. Be a doll and fetch me a mimosa, human.”


8. Peanut butter is life. We get you, little fella.


9. This tiny retriever is busy retrieving your heart! Mr. Steal Your Girl right here is winning hearts one puppy wave at a time.


10. This guy thinks he’s a cat. He fits pretty well except for that doggy badonkadonk.


11. They’re just doin’ it for the ‘gram.


12. Ahh, playing with puppy toes. America’s favorite pastime.

I think he just discovered his toes from aww

13. This guy just saw his human for the first time in nine months! If I ever get taken out by a doggo this excited, then it was just my time to go.


14. Meet Ralph. It’s his first outing in public, which is ironic because I have this same level of excitement when I don’t have to go out in public.


15. What kind of sorcery can fit this much cuteness into one basket?!


16. This sweet girl is the ultimate host. Martha Stewart would be so proud.


17. This guy is an official office dog! When will all offices get on board with this? P.S., It would be weird if any other co-worker did this.


18. “Listen, kid. If you go for walkies, we both get treats. Knees to chest, junior!”


19. She was trying to pick out a puppy but I’m 99% sure this is what winning the lottery feels like. All I know for sure is that if it were me, I’d be going home nine Golden Retriever puppies richer.


20. Literally the only guy I ever want staring at me and my food. This good boy deserves a foul ball or two to be rolled his way!


The world needs more Retriever wholesomeness!

h/t: reddit.com

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