21 Cute & Funny Posts About Cats & Dogs, The Best Friends We Could Ever Hope For

Does your best friend have furry paws? How about the cutest set of whiskers you’ve ever seen? And do they have the most boopable nose? Does your ride-or-die speak the language of meow? Or, is woof spoken in your home? If you answered yes to any of these, this one’s for you!

Social media threads, feeds, and timelines are crammed with cats and dogs because people love to show off their best friends! And because you’re proud to party with the furry ones, you’re going to love this week’s selection of cat and dog posts. So, grab your cuddly companion and get to scrolling for cuteness and laughs!

If Your BFF is a Cat or Dog, You’ll Relate to These 21 Posts

#1 – If kitties make up your squad, here’s your new favorite jam…

@lisacech@crayzee_cat #naughtykitties #oliver #pheobe #Buzz #bengalcats #catsoftiktok♬ original sound – Merry & Pippin

#2 – Buddies galore!

#3 – Gonna spend it all on the cat too…

#4 – Everything is better with friends!

@eggnogthebulldog#bettertogether#chocolatebarbie #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #PawlidayPics #trending #tiktokdogs #eggnog♬ Drilla – liverpoolfans.com

#5 – When you just want to do something nice for your purr child.

#6 – How doggos show love for their friends!

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#7 – But don’t skip Luncheon or Afternoon Tea, else your furry companions will destroy your hobbit hole.

#8 – You know your pup is your BFF when dog hair is your favorite accessory!

#9 – When you just want to chill with your kitty homies…

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#12 – One of the best videos to ever cleanse a feed!

#13 – The mathematics of friendship…

#14 – When your best friend is wise beyond his fur…

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#15 – The future looks good…

#16 – Another reason dogs make the best of friends? They’ve got the doggone greatest sense of humor!

#17 – When your friend is dramatic…

@chipthemanxCat Dear Diary #deardiarycat #deardiary #cat #foryou #fyp #catsoftiktok♬ original sound – Chip The Manx

#18 – Are you even friends if you don’t prank each other?

#19 – The things you do for your BFF

#20 – Best friends make the best nap buddies!

#21 – Yet, cats love us for all our human failings!

Now that you’ve had a good cuddle with your buddy, Recharge Your Day With 21 Cute & Funny Posts About Cats & Dogs!

Feature Image: @cat_pawn/Instagram & @doggomemes_daily/Instagram

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