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21 Pallet Dog Bed Ideas

It’s easy to see why pet parents love pallet beds: they’re a fun DIY project, they’re cheap to make, and they look chic with any decor! Plus, they’re totally customizable to fit the unique personality of your beloved canine.

If you know where to look, you can get pallets for free. They’re often used to load up products for shipment to stores, so if  you can get in touch with a local small business (perhaps there’s a pet shop you frequent), ask a manager if you can take home some pallets that have been discarded. Hardware and furniture stores are also great places to check.

You can also browse local buy, sell, or trade pages or Craigslist ads to get pallets for little to no cost. The website 1001 Pallets has even more ideas about how to get your hands on these versatile contraptions!

If you need a template, you can look up some easy DIY instructions, like this video tutorial by Home Depot. Not the crafty type? You can always buy one on Etsy.

If you’re ready for a weekend project that’ll also spoil your cuddly companion, check out the 21 pallet beds below for some inspiration!



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