25 Trendy Dog Halloween Costumes Under $25

Last week, we gave you some amazing DIY costume ideas. But not everyone has the time or means to sew their own dog costume. But don’t be scared, we have some totally spooky and downright adorable ready-to-wear dog costumes. And the treat? They are all under $25! Tell us in the comments what your dog is dressing up as this Halloween.

#1 –  Racehorse with Jockey

With a Triple Crown Winner this year, this costume should be a popular one! Even better, you can get this normally $35 costume for just $19 on DoggyLoot.com.

1 ZZHC_Jockey1


#2 – Pope

Another one that is sure to be popular since St. Francis just made a trip to the states (and a really cute image of a dog wearing it just went viral), you can pick one up for just under $25 on SpiritHalloween.com

2 pope


#3 –  Heart Skeleton Dog TuTu Dress

This adorable tutu dress puts a new spin on a Halloween classic. And, at just $8.99, it’s a real treat! PartyCity.com 

3 tutuskeleton

#4 – Mr. T “Pity the Bull” Costume

The “A” Team is coming back and this pup is ready to join the crew! At just under $25, it’s a hilarious costume that is sure to get comments. SpiritHalloween.com 

4 pitythebull


#5 – 50’s Poodle Dress

Another classic Halloween costume that never goes out of style, this one would be super simple to match with owner/dog costumes – and how cute would it be on an actual poodle?! It’s just $12.38 on Amazon.com.

5 81xRDO6H7KL._SL1500_

#6 – Beetlejuice

This costume is hilarious – just check out that wig! A sure favorite at any Halloween party, your dog is going to get noticed in this. Just $17.99 at Target.com.

6 21538984

#7 – Star Wars Dewback Rider

No surprise, Star Wars costumes are HUGE this year and this is one of the best we’ve seen. AND, it’s only $19.99 at Target.com. 

7 16250107

#8 – Dumb And Dumber Harry & Lloyd Costumes

Wanting to go retro this year? This movie has come back thanks to the new movie, and these dog costumes are too funny. You can dress as Lloyd and your dog as Harry, or vice versa. $24.99 at SpiritHalloween.com 

8 dumband

#9 – Zombi-dog

Zombies are HUGE this year, thanks to “The Walking Dead,” “iZombie” and the like. This fun dog costume is just the right amount of “ewww” to fit the theme. $24.99 from SpiritHalloween.com.

9 zombie

#10 – Sequin Pumpkin

A trendy spin on a classic costume, this cute pumpkin costume will make your pup the most adorable one in the patch! Have a few dogs? Dress ‘em up in this costume and put ‘em in a wagon with some green leaves. Presto! Portable pumpkin patch (would make an awesome picture…!) Just $16.99 at PartyCity.com.


10 pumpkin

#11 –  Doggy Minion

Seriously, what is cuter than a doggie Minion? Maybe two or three of them…This costume is not only trendy, it’s too cute and only $13.25 from Amazon.com.

11 51M2X87zSDL


#12 – Star Wars Ewok Costume

Perfect for those tiny tots, this Ewok costume is super cute and, on sale, it’s only $19.28 on Amazon.com.

12 61vdbcnmmTL._SL1275_

#13 – Star Wars AT-AT

You’ve seen the viral images, now your dog can be an AT-AT too without all the hard work of a DIY project! This amazing costume is only $18.77 on Amazon.com.

13 811TWiCbv5L._SL1500_

#14-  Sir Barks A Lot

A classic for any type of dog, this knight in shining armor costume is pawsome! You can dress up as a fellow knight, damsel in distress, or even a king or queen to match your pup! Only $19.99 at SpiritHalloween.com.

14 knight

#15 – Dark Knight Costume

Another popular movie character this year, this Batman costume has a lot of detail and would look great on a black dog in particular! $16.99 at SpiritHalloween.com.

15 batman

#16 – Princess Leia

For the girl dogs who are fans of Star Wars, there is of course a Leia costume, complete with her signature buns! At just $19.99, it’s the best deal in the galaxy at PartyCity.com.

16 leia

#17 – Red Pirate

With the popular “Once Upon A Time” in it’s fifth season and the movie Pan coming out, there’s not better time to be a pirate! And this adorable outfit is perfect for your swashbuckling girlie. Only $9.99 at PartyCity.com.

17 pirate

#18 – Pup Latte

This original costume is perfect for the coffee-loving pet owners…maybe you can go as a bagel or the barista? It’s only $18.99 on Amazon.com.

18 41ywwEyrkOL

#19 – Rainbow Flag Pet Cape

Sure to be a popular one this year, your dog can show his “Pride” at Halloween and for the next parade. Only $16.99 on SpiritHalloween.com.

19 rainbow

#20 – Lion

In honor of Cecil, this costume should be very popular this year. You can get it for $18.99 at Target.com.

20 lion

#21 – Butterfly Pup

Butterflies are always a popular costume and this adorable one is sure to earn your dog lots of treats! And it’s just $24.22 at Amazon.com.

21 butterfly

#22 – Captain America

One of the most loved superheroes of all time, this costume is sure to be popular this year. $19.99 at SpiritHalloween.com.

22 America

#23 – Marilyn Monroe

Another classic that never goes out of style, this funny costume is normally $40, but you can get it for just $22 from Doggyloot.com.


#24 –  Red Riding Hood

What if the story was different…what if red was the wolf? She can be this Halloween with this fun costume for just $19.95 on Amazon.com.

24 81izfmG-zJL._SL1500_

#25 – Dracula

Hotel Transylvania 2 just came out and it’s the 10th anniversary of Twilight, so this vampire costume is definitely in style this Halloween. It just $16.45 at Amazon.com.

25 41wBfdoWH7L


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