3 Reasons Why Dogs and Cats Wish You’d Leave The Color Of Their Fur Alone

Fur dying is not a new trend, and it doesn’t seem to be going away. Some people may think that coloring their pet’s fur is a fun way to make a statement, but if you asked your companion, he’s probably happy just being a dog and doesn’t want to be a rainbow tiger or a triceratops.

We all love our pets differently, and people will continue to debate whether “furjazzling” their pets is okay, but we have three reasons you should put the dye away.

1. Your Pet Doesn’t Like It

According to the Kennel Club, dogs feel humiliation too, and don’t care for extreme grooming. Some grooming is necessary for the health and well-being of your pet, but there’s no reason your dog needs red and green spikes, or you cat should be rainbow colors. Extreme grooming embarrasses your pet, and no matter what statement you’re trying to make by dying his fur, it shouldn’t be at the expense of his feelings. Dyes can also physically irritate your pet with their unpleasant smell, or can burn his skin, dry it out, or make him itch.


2. Fur Dying is Unsafe

There are several methods of dying animal fur, some safer than others, but none that will ever be completely safe. Dyes can contain chemicals which can burn your pet’s skin, damage their eyes, or make them sick if ingested. Fumes from dyes can also make them sick and are just plain unpleasant.

Some people swear that dying your pet with Kool Aid is safe, but the method requires leaving the mixture on their fur for several minutes. Kool Aid powder contains ingredients that can stain and damage your dog or cat’s teeth should they choose to eat it out of their fur, which they have been known to do since it smells like candy. Even dyes made for dogs must be used exactly as instructed on the label, and can hurt your pet if left on for too long, or if your dog has sensitive skin or allergies.


3. Your Pet’s Fur Is Important To His Health

Your pet relies on his fur to regulate his temperature and keep him healthy – it’s more than just pretty hair. Dyes have been known to damage hair and can cause more damage the more you dye. In fact, the dying process relies on damaging hair. Because your pet’s coat is more than just hair, it’s important to keep it healthy.


Nature gave your pet a beautiful coat that’s perfect the way it is. There’s no need to dye it.

Featured Photo: maggiejane via Flickr

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