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3 Reasons Your Dog Should Know How To Wait


Dogs are man’s best friend. They enrich our lives in ways that no human or other animal can do. They are intuitive, intelligent and each have their own unique personalities. Having lived alongside humans for thousands of years, it’s no surprise that dogs are capable of helping us perform amazing tasks – or even taking care of us when we need help caring for ourselves. That said, an unruly dog can be quite a problem. Not only do they make life difficult for the humans around them, they can even pose a danger to themselves. Basic obedience is recommended for all dogs because it opens a door of communication so that dog and owner can live together in harmony. It’s difficult to determine which commands are the most useful, but one we can all agree on is teaching our dogs to wait. Not only is it beneficial for our dogs, it makes our lives a whole lot easier.

#1 – No Door (or Window) Bolting

Door bolting is a big problem for dogs and their owners. Not only is it obnoxious when you open the door for someone to have your dog come charging out and jumping on them, it’s very dangerous for your dog. Bolting out of the door or gate allows your dog to run right out into traffic on the street, and this has unfortunately ended very badly for many dogs and owners. If your dog doesn’t get hit by a car, he or she may get lost and risks being exposed to traffic, wildlife and other dangers in the world without the safety of their human by their side. One of the most common reasons dog trainers are called upon is for dogs bolting out of the door- be it the front door, the car door, the side gate, etc. There are many different ways to solve the issue that we won’t discuss here. The important part is that owners feel comfortable opening their doors without their dogs running into a potentially life-threatening situation.

#2 – Polite Greetings

As mentioned earlier, a dog that doesn’t know how to wait politely can impose on guests. Although we love our dogs, not everyone else does and some might even be afraid of them. Regardless, very few people want to be jumped on by a large dog. Teaching your dog to sit and wait to be greeted by guests will allow the guests to say hello to the dog without getting jumped on or trampled. Remember any size dog can accidentally hurt someone, and we don’t want that. A dog that is taught to wait will not frighten the mailman, will sit politely to be petted and will be much more welcome than an obnoxious dog that is constantly in everyone’s space.

#3 – Easy Handling

We all know that our dogs can get excited and a little unruly at times. Putting on their leash for a walk, fixing their breakfast or dinner or even just picking up their favorite toy can lead them to start bouncing off the walls in joy. Although it’s endearing, it often makes things a little difficult on us! A dog that can sit and wait will allow us to clip their leashes on easily, feed them without having them running through our legs or jumping and knocking the bowl out of our hands and much, much more. Having a dog that waits patiently is safer and more pleasant for everyone involved. It creates a calmer, safer environment while still allowing everyone to enjoy the fun!

Written by Katie Finlay
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