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5 Doggy Flicks for Grown-ups

Dog movies are adorable. Fun adventures with talking animals getting into impossible scrapes as they discuss the meaning of life and the universe. Dog movies can also be scary, cautionary tales about the dangers of illness and poor socialization skills. Listed below are five films geared for grown-ups who require a bit more substance in their canine movies.

Hachi— This remake of the Japanese film, “Hachiko Monogatari”, opens with Professor Parker (played by Richard Gere) finding an abandoned Akita at a railway station. Through countless attempts to find the pup’s owner, it is settled that the dog will stay with the man’s family. As the story unfolds, the dog shows his quirky side by not wanting to act like a dog, but insisting on walking his person to the train station every morning and waiting patiently for him every evening to walk him home. Hachi is a bittersweet film about a dogs unwavering devotion to his human.

Best in Show—Campy, quirky, and hilarious; Christopher Guest’s look at behind the scenes action of the dog show world may have pushed stereotypes a bit far, but is still delightfully entertaining.  Most of the dialogue was improvised and presented in a documentary style format. The “mocumentary” follows five different contestants, each at a different stage in the dog show life. The audience is treated to the preparation before the show, behind the scenes of the show itself and the aftermath.

shutterstock_175448048K-9—In 1989 James Belushi starred in a police action, thriller about a down on his luck police officer who survives his car exploding, his girlfriend leaving him and a hostile work environment (All in the first fifteen minutes of the movie) Instead of taking on a partner, Dooley (Belushi) agrees to a police dog. He feels the dog would less hassle and easier to control than a human partner. What he didn’t count on was a German Shepherd named Jerry Lee. Jerry Lee has his own way of doing things and Dooley will just have to learn to deal with it.

Eight Below—During an Antarctic research mission, Jerry Shepherd (Played by Paul Walker) uses a dog sled team to race across the treacherous tundra. Through a couple of life altering events, the human team of Shepherd and Davis McClaren form a strong bond with the eight dogs who risk everything to get them back to base before a massive blizzard. Once back at the camp, the humans can’t find room for the dogs. It’s decided to come back for the dogs when the storm passes.  At this point the story splits between how the dogs survive the storm and Shepherd’s guilt over leaving his canine team.  **Minor Spoiler Alert** Shepherd does rescue the dogs.

The Ugly Dachshund—A fun, family friendly movie made in 1966. Dachshund breeders, Fran and Mark Garrison rush to their beloved Danke to the vet before the puppies arrive. After the puppies are safely born, the vet explains to Mark that his Great Dane also just had a litter of puppies, but the Mama isn’t producing enough milk for them all. He asks Mark to take the runt of the litter, so the Dachshund may nurse the Great Dane until he’s weaned. Mark reluctantly agrees. As one would guess, the Great Dane stayed with the Dachshunds and began acting like his adopted family.



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Written by Renee Moen
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