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5 Most Dog Friendly Cities In America



 Where are the most dog friendly cities in America?

Evaluating over a dozen lists from as many sources there is no doubt about it, Americans love their dogs. Criteria ranged from the amount of dog parks available to dog friendly stores, dog registrations to owners adherence to vaccinations and spay/neutering. Compiling the lists together I took the five that were mentioned on every list to give the ultimate title “Dog-centri-City”!

Portland, OR

Not only does this city lay claim to thirty-two fenced, leash-less dog parks, but it also boasts hundreds of dog specific businesses—trainers, day care, groomers, boutiques, holistic healers, dog communicators etc. The city also has some restaurants that offer a dog friendly menu.  There is a long list of pet friendly hotels, restaurants, shops, cafes, bars, and attractions.

Austin, TX

Austin, TX has fun under the sun locked. Not only do they have fun under the sun, but they do it with a big old WOOF! There are numerous dog friendly business throughout the city but they also hold canine welcome events all year long. Ever dream of going to “Yappy Hour” with a pooch? That dream can become a reality; every month at one of the local coffee bars. They say it is a truly pet pampering event. The city also touts several off leash parks to romp and explore.

Minneapolis, MN

Like all the other cities listed here, Minneapolis also hosts a number of dog friendly hotels, restaurants and shops. They have over a dozen off leash parks. So what makes this Minnesota city so special? To start, they offer a Ren Faire/Pet Festival. This RenPet Fest devotes two full days to dog enthusiasts with vendors, training demonstrations and education shows all for the dog lover. Not enough? Boat rental companies give a thumbs up to bringing the dog out exploring the numerous bodies of water. There are also hiking trails surrounding lakes, so much to see and smell a dog would go dizzy from excitement.

Ashville, NC

Annual fashion show where canines get to strut their stuff down a catwalk dogstroll; Boutiques offer canine haute couture, fresh baked goods and specialized photography. Special outdoor seating for the favorite four legged companion at most of the local eateries; a four legged diva would think she died and gone to bling heaven.

Boulder, CO

This bohemian city truly has an “anything goes” attitude. A walk down the famed Pearl Street is evidence enough. With the anything goes attitude, the people of Boulder also give anything they can, to their dogs. When registering a dog in the city limits a human is not recognized as an owner, but as a legal guardian to their canine companions.

Boulder boasts several off leash, fenced dog parks to choose from. There are also 144 miles of walking and hiking trails on open spaces and through the foothills. The silliest of dogs can shake their crazies out with a little romp around Boulder.

Did your city make the list? Let us know what makes your city so special!

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Written by Renee Moen
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