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5 Things Our Dogs Would Tell Us If They Could

At one time or another, we’ve all wished our dogs could just open up and tell us what’s going on in their mysterious little minds.

Chances are most pups have a message or two they’d like to pass on to the humans in their lives, as well. (More walks, less baths!) But above all else, your dog wants you to know these 5 things.

1. “Prevention Is Key To Keeping Me Happy & Healthy”

As a former veterinary technician, I cannot stress this one enough. So many dog owners “only take the dog to the vet when he’s sick,” and neglect preventative wellness care like veterinary check-ups, bloodwork, puppy vaccinations, grooming and parasite prevention. This not only puts them at risk for serious illness, it also decreases their quality of life.

Why They Want You To Know:

Dogs can be quite stoic when it comes to pain and they certainly can’t tell us how they feel or drive themselves to the vet. It’s up to us to do everything we can to keep them healthy and comfortable for as long as possible.

2. “I Get You”

55% of communication is nonverbal, so even though you can’t speak Dog, your pup reads you loud and clear. He may not be able to grasp the concept of global warming, but on issues of the heart he can interpret the gist of what you’re feeling just by listening to the tone of your voice and watching the subtle cues in your facial expressions and body language.

Why They Want You To Know:

Over the years, our domesticated companions have taken it upon themselves to learn the “human language”, which is no easy feat! Dogs have done this in order to better understand our wants, needs and emotions. By recognizing our joy they can celebrate alongside us, and by sensing our sorrow they can offer their comfort. What a powerful expression of love and devotion.

3. “I Trust You” 

Most dogs would follow their beloved owners right off the edge of a cliff if we asked them to. They’d lay their very lives at our feet without a second thought. In their eyes, we are flawless.

Why They Want You To Know:

Have you ever heard the saying, “Be the person your dog thinks you are”? Few humans are worthy of the level of loyalty and trust our dogs show us – but we can try! Repay your pup’s undying devotion by being patient, kind and gentle with him, even when he makes mistakes.

4. “You Are My World”

Chances are you have a busy life full of friends, family, work, hobbies and everything in between. Your dog only has you. 

Why They Want You To Know:

It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day obligations and forget this simple fact. Dogs don’t ask for much, just a safe home, a warm bed, a full belly and a little bit of your time so they know they are loved.

5.  “Our Time Together Is Short”

We never know for how long we will be lucky enough to have our dogs by our sides; only that no amount of time will ever be enough.

Why They Want You To Know:

The average canine lifespan is just 8 – 15 years. Even with the best of intentions, that time can fly by in the blink of an eye. If your dog could talk, he’d remind you to cherish every fleeting moment together. Throw the ball, share a snack, watch the sunset, go on an adventure. Just be together.


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Written by Dina Fantegrossi
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