5 Undeniable Signs Your Maltese Loves You

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on May 22, 2023

Maltese dogs are known for their charming, gentle demeanor and luxurious white coats. But behind this elegant exterior lies an affectionate personality, brimming with love for their human companions. Here are five heartwarming signs that your Maltese unquestionably adores you.

1. The Maltese Cuddle

Maltese dogs love to show affection through physical contact. They are known for their fondness of laps, often curling up on them whenever they get a chance. If your Maltese frequently snuggles up to you, seeks out your warmth, or tries to get as close to you as possible, it’s a clear sign of their love and trust.

2. The Happy Greeting

No one can celebrate your presence quite like a Maltese. Their enthusiastic greetings, full of joyous barks, excited wagging, and playful jumps, express their deep attachment to you. This delightful display of affection is a sign that they’ve missed you dearly.

3. The Devoted Shadow

Maltese dogs are famous for their loyalty and enjoy being in the company of their humans. If your Maltese follows you around the house, insists on being with you, or even watches you from afar when they can’t be close, it’s their way of saying, “I love your company, and I want to be near you.”

4. The Tender Gaze

Maltese dogs are expressive creatures, and their eyes often mirror their feelings. If your Maltese frequently gazes at you with soft, loving eyes, it’s their unique way of saying, “I trust you, and I love you.”

5. The Playful Engagement

Despite their elegant appearance, Maltese dogs have a playful side. They love engaging in games, especially with their favorite human. If your Maltese often initiates playtime, brings you toys, or happily responds when you start a game, it’s their way of expressing their joy in your company and their love for you.

In conclusion, the love of a Maltese is gentle, faithful, and deeply affectionate. From their tender cuddles and joyful greetings to their devoted companionship, expressive gazes, and playful engagements, each sign is an undeniable testament to their profound affection. As a Maltese owner, understanding and appreciating these signs of love helps build an even stronger bond with your pet. So, treasure these heartfelt expressions of love, for they are the truest symbols of a love as gentle, loyal, and endearing as the Maltese itself. Remember, to your Maltese, you are not just their owner—you are their family, their friend, and their greatest source of comfort and joy.

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