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5 Undeniable Signs Your Shar Pei Loves You

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on May 22, 2023

With their wrinkly skin and uniquely aloof demeanor, Shar Peis are a breed like no other. While their expressions of affection may not always be overt, there are some heartwarming signs that your Shar Pei loves you.

  1. The ‘Shar Pei Stare’

Shar Peis are known for their deep-set, expressive eyes. If your Shar Pei often holds eye contact with you, it’s a sign of their trust and affection. This silent exchange is a powerful communication of their love and loyalty.

  1. The Protective Posture

Bred as guard dogs, Shar Peis are naturally protective. If your Shar Pei always positions itself between you and strangers, or appears alert when you’re around unfamiliar people, it’s a clear sign of their protective love. They’re quietly telling the world that they’ve got your back.

  1. The Reserved Cuddling

Unlike some breeds, Shar Peis aren’t known for their overtly affectionate nature. However, they often show their love through reserved cuddling. If your Shar Pei chooses to rest their head on your lap or snuggle up next to you, it’s a beautiful indication of their affection.

  1. The Shar Pei ‘Check-In’

Shar Peis are independent dogs, but they also value their connection with their loved ones. If your Shar Pei frequently comes to ‘check-in’, offering a nudge with their nose or a gentle paw tap before going back to their own business, they’re maintaining their bond with you and showing their affection in their own subtle way.

  1. The Quiet Company

Shar Peis enjoy your presence, even if they don’t always show it. If your Shar Pei often follows you around or quietly stays in the same room as you, it’s a sign they’re content just being in your company. This quiet companionship is a unique demonstration of their love.

Each Shar-Pei may have its own special way of expressing love, but these are signs you’ll likely see. The more you recognize and reciprocate these signs of affection, the deeper your bond will become.

The love of a Shar Pei is as unique as their appearance. They may not be the most demonstrative of breeds, but their love, once earned, is steadfast and sincere. Their affection isn’t always grand or flamboyant, but it’s found in the silent stare of their deep-set eyes, the protective stance they adopt when you’re around strangers, and their quiet companionship. The love of a Shar Pei is a quiet, profound presence that seeps into your life subtly but leaves a lasting impact. To be loved by a Shar Pei is to appreciate a love that doesn’t need constant affirmation, a love that’s always there, steady as a rock, comforting as a warm blanket on a chilly night.

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