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8 Creative Ideas For Getting Your Dog To Take Their Medicine

#3 – Fake ‘Em Out

How do you do this? Make up (or buy) some large soft treats, that are big enough to hold their meds. Give them to your dog randomly – with one of them containing the pill.

Image source: @Maggie via Flickr
Image source: @Maggie via Flickr

#4 – Turn It Into a Game

Using the same type of treats from 3 (you can actually combine these two methods if necessary), toss your dog the treats so he has to catch them. Give him a couple then throw the one with the med. For most dog, their mind is on the game at this point, and not whether or not the treat has medication in it. Throwing the treats fairly quickly – so your dog has to eat quickly to be ready to catch the next one – can also help.

Image source: @MichelleTribe via Flickr
Image source: @MichelleTribe via Flickr

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