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8 Problems Only a Boston Terrier Owner Would Understand

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on June 6, 2023

Boston Terriers, known as the ‘American Gentlemen’ of the canine world, are undeniably charming with their tuxedo-like markings and sweet personalities. But owning one of these adorable pooches comes with its own set of hilarious ‘problems’ that only a Boston Terrier owner would truly understand.

1. The Sound Effects Show

Boston Terriers are connoisseurs of sound, mastering an array of snorts, snores, grunts, and an impressive collection of flatulence. Quiet moments? A thing of the past. Now your home has a custom-made Boston Terrier soundtrack, whether you like it or not.

2. The Attention Hog

Boston Terriers are not just dogs; they’re four-legged attention magnets. Whether it’s insisting on being the star of the show during your Zoom meetings or demanding a belly rub while you’re trying to watch TV, these little divas always crave the spotlight.

3. The Fart Machine

This breed is infamous for its gassy tendencies. Boston Terriers can clear a room faster than you can say “Who let the dogs out?” One whiff of their special brand of ‘perfume’ will have you reaching for a gas mask.

4. The Lap Enthusiast

For Boston Terriers, laps aren’t just for sitting – they’re a way of life. Regardless of what you’re doing, they believe the best place to be is on your lap. Working on your laptop? It’s a battle for lap space. Enjoying a hot cup of coffee? Make room for the terrier.

5. The Weather Diva

Boston Terriers can be surprisingly fussy about weather conditions. Too hot? They can’t handle it. Too cold? No way. Rain? Forget about it. As a Boston Terrier owner, you might as well add ‘personal meteorologist’ to your resume.

6. The Ball Obsession

Boston Terriers and Balls are a match made in heaven. They can play fetch for hours on end without losing an ounce of enthusiasm. You’ll find yourself dreaming of tennis balls and wondering if it’s normal to have a throwing arm this muscular.

7. The Space Invader

Boston Terriers have a unique understanding of personal space – namely, they don’t understand it at all. Going to the bathroom alone? Not a chance. Cooking dinner? They’re your sous chef. Lying in bed? They’re your little spoon.

8. The Master Manipulator

With their expressive eyes and endearing facial expressions, Boston Terriers are pros at emotional manipulation. You’ll quickly find that ‘no’ isn’t part of your vocabulary when those puppy eyes are begging for an extra treat.

While these ‘problems’ may seem daunting, the truth is that they make life with a Boston Terrier infinitely more entertaining. Their loving personalities, unique quirks, and endless enthusiasm for life more than make up for the occasional inconvenience. The biggest problem? Trying not to spoil them rotten, because let’s face it – those adorable faces are pretty hard to resist!

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