8 Problems Only a Chinese Crested Owner Would Understand

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on June 7, 2023

Owning a Chinese Crested, a breed that comes in both the hairless and powder puff varieties, is a unique, heartwarming, and at times, amusing experience. If you’ve had the joy of living with one, these eight ‘problems’ will definitely ring a bell.

1. Sunscreen is Now a Dog Essential.

As a Chinese Crested owner, you’ve quickly learned that sunscreen isn’t just for humans. The hairless variety, with its exposed skin, is prone to sunburn. Get ready for funny looks at the park when you’re applying sunscreen on your dog.

2. The Great Fur Mystery.

Powderpuff or hairless, a Chinese Crested is a fun puzzle. With the hairless type, you have tufts of hair on the head, tail, and feet – and nowhere else. For powder puffs, there’s a surprise under the fur – a full double coat!

3. The Literal Lap Dog.

Chinese Cresteds were bred to be companions, and they take this job seriously. Be ready to never sit down without a dog on your lap again. Even better, be prepared for ‘the look’ when you dare to move.

4. The Blanket Thief.

As a Chinese Crested owner, you’ve quickly learned that these dogs love to burrow. Your blankets, your laundry, your clothes – they’re all fair game for a burrow-happy Chinese Crested seeking warmth.

5. Bath Time Struggles.

Owning a Chinese Crested means regular baths, more frequent than most other breeds. The hairless variety, in particular, needs its skin kept clean to prevent acne and other skin issues. Get ready to perfect your puppy bathing technique.

6. The Double-Take.

Walking a Chinese Crested often involves being stopped by curious onlookers. The unique look of this breed, especially the hairless variety, always garners attention and a million questions. Every walk turns into a breed education session.

7. The Monkey-Like Agility.

Chinese Cresteds are agile climbers, sometimes referred to as the ‘monkeys’ of the dog world. That counter you thought was too high? That shelf you thought was out of reach? Think again.

8. The Dental Drama.

Bad teeth are unfortunately common in Chinese Cresteds. Regular brushing and dental chews are a must, and you’ll probably spend more time at the vet’s office than you’d like.

Despite these unique challenges, living with a Chinese Crested is a joy and an adventure. Their boundless affection, adorable antics, and lovable personalities more than compensate for stolen blankets, frequent baths, and the daily sunscreen application routine. As a Chinese Crested owner, you understand that all these ‘problems’ are just a small price to pay for the unending love and companionship that this breed provides. Indeed, life with a Chinese Crested is nothing short of crest-tacular!

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