8 Problems Only a French Bulldog Owner Would Understand

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on June 6, 2023

French Bulldogs, with their bat-like ears, smushed faces, and robust bodies, have become a popular choice for dog lovers worldwide. These charismatic canines come with a set of amusing quirks that only a Frenchie owner can truly understand. Let’s explore these wonderfully humorous ‘problems.’

1. The Never-Ending Noises

From the loud snores to the quirky grunts, French Bulldogs can be a one-dog sound effects department. Trying to explain to your guests that the strange noises aren’t from an alien but from your adorable Frenchie is a frequent challenge. And forget about stealth; your Frenchie’s unique symphony of snorts will give you away every time.

2. The Master Manipulator

Those expressive Frenchie eyes can melt even the coldest hearts. This breed knows exactly how to use their adorable faces to manipulate you into extra treats, belly rubs, or to escape trouble. How can you stay mad at that squishy face? The struggle is real.

3. The Food Obsession

French Bulldogs love food and they aren’t shy about it. They’ll hound you (pun intended) whenever there’s food around, regardless of whether it’s their mealtime. Be prepared for persistent begging, drool puddles, and eyes so pleading, they could outdo a professional actor in a drama scene.

4. The Extreme Flatulence

Let’s face it, Frenchies can be gassy and there’s no polite way to sugar-coat it. These dogs can clear a room faster than a fire alarm. As an owner, you quickly learn to laugh it off and maintain a stockpile of air fresheners.

5. The Stubborn Streak

Despite their cute appearance, French Bulldogs can be stubborn. Whether they’re refusing to move in the middle of a walk or turning a deaf ear to your commands, Frenchies march to the beat of their own drum. Be ready for amusing stand-offs and a crash course in patience.

6. The Weather Woes

French Bulldogs are sensitive to extreme temperatures. This means, in the winter, you’ll be bundling them up in doggy sweaters, and in the summer, you’ll be ensuring they’re cooled down. You might spend more time checking the weather forecast than a meteorologist.

7. The Lazy Lifestyle

French Bulldogs aren’t the most active dogs. Actually, they’re pretty big fans of lounging. Getting a Frenchie to exercise can be as challenging as getting a toddler to eat vegetables. You might find yourself devising creative ways to entice your little couch potato into physical activity.

8. The Lap Dog Delusion

Despite their stocky build, French Bulldogs often forget their size and insist on being lap dogs. Expect to have a Frenchie occupying your lap whenever you sit down. Sure, you may occasionally lose feeling in your legs, but who could resist those cuddles?

Despite these unique ‘problems,’ being a French Bulldog owner is filled with laughter, love, and countless cuddles. Yes, you might need a wardrobe full of lint rollers and a solid stock of air fresheners, but at the end of the day, those expressive eyes and the unwavering loyalty make every snort, stubborn moment, and gassy incident absolutely worth it. After all, life is never dull when you have a Frenchie!

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