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8 Problems Only a Great Pyrenees Owner Would Understand

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on June 7, 2023

Ah, the Great Pyrenees – the majestic, fluffy canines that are more akin to a pet polar bear than your typical backyard Fido. With their stunning, white-as-snow coats and an innate love for all things cool and frosty, owning a Great Pyrenees is like living with a jovial yet sizable snowball. And as any seasoned owner will tell you, there are certain problems unique to this breed that could fill an encyclopedia (a charmingly fluffy one, of course). Here, in all their endearing, exasperating glory, are eight such problems that only a Great Pyrenees owner would understand.

1. Barking is their second language.

Who needs a sophisticated security system when you have a Great Pyrenees on patrol? Pyrs are famous (or infamous, depending on your perspective) for their vigilant barking at anything that dares to exist in their sightlines. From the postman to the blowing leaves, nothing escapes their dutiful commentary. You learn to live with this sonorous backdrop and might even start appreciating their vocal talents – at least until the 2 a.m. ‘squirrel alert.’

2. Shedding is a lifestyle, not a season.

With a Pyr in your life, shedding isn’t confined to a particular season. It’s a year-round adventure where you’ll find a small sheep’s worth of fluff under the couch, on your clothes, in your coffee… basically, everywhere. Invest in a top-tier vacuum and consider a second career in crafting decorative dog hair sweaters.

3. The word “large” is an understatement.

Once you’ve been pinned to your couch by a 100-pound-plus lapdog who firmly believes they’re the size of a Chihuahua, you understand the true meaning of the word “large”. You’ll become a master of navigating narrow hallways with a Pyr at your side and explaining to guests that no, you don’t own a baby polar bear.

4. A Great Pyrenees’ concept of personal space is… well, flexible.

Great Pyrenees are a breed that appreciates close proximity – to you, to guests, to that random jogger in the park. Their personal space extends to whoever they deem worth their attention. Expect to be followed from room to room and to never experience a bathroom break alone again.

5. Prepare for some frosty attitudes towards training.

Great Pyrenees were bred to be independent protectors, meaning they are about as likely to follow your command as they are to fetch your slippers. With patience, rewards, and the acceptance that they might just be smarter than you, training can be a fun challenge – emphasis on the challenge.

6. They have a tendency to “redecorate”.

A Pyr’s idea of home aesthetics may involve digging holes worthy of an archaeologist in the backyard, scattering their fluff like confetti, and ensuring every piece of furniture carries its distinct fur signature. Consider their “redecorating” attempts as their way of expressing themselves artistically.

7. Their boundless love for cold weather might not match your own.

Great Pyrenees love the cold. They roll in the snow, sleep in the snow, eat snow… They’ll want to be outside in the most Arctic conditions, while you’re hoping to snuggle up with hot cocoa. Prepare to negotiate bathroom breaks in winter storms and find a frost-covered furball unwilling to come inside.

8. Their stubbornness is as legendary as their loyalty.

They’ll guard you fiercely, love you unconditionally, and ignore your pleas to move off the couch with equal determination. This charming stubbornness is a Pyr trademark, making you an expert negotiator and reminding you that yes, you’re dealing with a furry force of nature.

Despite these unique challenges, or perhaps because of them, Great Pyrenees owners wouldn’t trade their gentle giants for the world. These loving, protective, and sometimes hilariously frustrating dogs are a joy to have around. Yes, life with a Pyr is anything but ordinary – it’s a grand, fun-filled adventure that keeps you laughing, keeps you warm (literally), and most importantly, keeps you feeling loved beyond measure.

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