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8 Problems Only a Pit Bull Owner Would Understand

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on June 6, 2023

If you share your life with a Pit Bull, then you are no stranger to the quirks of this endearing breed. With their square-shaped heads, muscular bodies, and boundless energy, Pit Bulls come with a unique set of problems that only their human companions would understand. So, grab your chew-resistant toys and let’s navigate through this hilarious journey called Pit Bull parenthood.

1. The “Pit Bull Paradox”

On one hand, your Pit Bull is a brave guardian, capable of intimidating any would-be intruders. But let’s face it, on the other hand, your fearsome warrior is also a big baby who trembles at the sight of a vacuum cleaner, or worse, a cucumber. Ah, the Pit Bull paradox!

2. The Licking Monster

Who needs a shower when you’ve got a Pit Bull? This breed is notorious for its excessive licking – your face, hands, feet, and any part of your body within the tongue’s reach are prime targets. Let’s just say, if slobber were a valuable commodity, you’d be a billionaire.

3. The High Energy Dilemma

The energy of a Pit Bull is like a renewable energy source that never runs out. A five-mile walk? Just a warm-up. An hour of fetch? Pre-breakfast exercise. Trying to tire out a Pit Bull is like attempting to empty the ocean with a teaspoon, an endeavor in futility!

4. The “Couch Potato” Syndrome

On the flip side, when a Pit Bull decides it’s time to chill, they take their lounging very seriously. They may look like they’ve been cast in a role for “The Walking Dead”, as they slouch on your couch with zero intentions of moving, even if the house was on fire.

5. The Chew-nami

Pit bulls love to chew. Your shoes, furniture, remote controls, garden hoses – nothing is safe from this breed’s powerful jaws. Dog-proofing the house for a Pit Bull is like preparing for a natural disaster, where the disaster is a “chew-nami”.

6. The “Underestimated Intelligence” Problem

Pit bulls are incredibly smart, and they won’t let you forget it. They can open doors, find hidden treats, and outsmart you at your own games. This intelligence can lead to trouble when your Pit Bull decides to exercise their problem-solving skills on your new, ‘Pit bull-proof’ trash can.

7. The Houdini Act

Ever heard of Houdini? Well, your Pit Bull might just be his reincarnation. This breed is known for their impressive escape skills. Think your backyard fence is Pit bull-proof? Think again. They’ll find a way to dig, jump, or chew their way to freedom. They make ‘Escape from Alcatraz’ look like child’s play!

8. The “Bad Press” Problem

Let’s not forget the most frustrating problem – dealing with the Pit Bull stereotype. “Isn’t that breed dangerous?” or “Don’t they attack people?” are questions that make you roll your eyes. Despite their unfortunate reputation, any Pit bull owner knows that these dogs are big softies who just need love and guidance.

Living with a Pit Bull is indeed a unique experience, filled with endless energy, laughter, unexpected showers of slobber, and the never-ending task of explaining to people that your fur-baby is not a blood-thirsty monster, but a love bug. Through all the mischief and mess, there’s one thing no Pit bull owner can deny: Life with these furry friends is never boring!

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