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8 Reasons We Envy The Dog Life

More times than I can count, I’ve looked longingly at my pup, curled up cozily on my bed as I got ready for work, and thought, it must be nice to be a dog. The same thing has occurred to me as people went out of their way to give her a delicious treat. Or a scratch behind the ears. Or a, “Who’s a good girl? Who’s such a good girl?”

Get my drift? Just imagine all the dogs who have lives that any snack, nap, and snuggle-loving human would envy. Here are just a few reasons why it would be fabulous to be fluffy.

1. Dogs can sleep all. Day. Long.

No early mornings for these guys! And those rainy days when you would love nothing more than to stay home all day and burrow into a pile of blankets? Yeah, your dog gets to do that.

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2. Plus, they are entitled to at least 3/4 of the bed.

Bed dogs are bed hogs. And they’re so cute, we’d rather teeter off the edge of the bed than disturb their angelic, sprawling slumber.

3. And they get ALL THE SPOONS!

Cuddly canines are like warm, furry hot water bottles…that sometimes snore.

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4. We humans love feeding them.

When begging for special treats or scraps from the table those puppy dog eyes are irresistible. (Now, if just sat and stared at someone eating, that’d be a different story.) Sir, can I please have s’more?”

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5. They get so many back massages.

Some of us spend hundreds on such a luxury, but our little fluffbutts get their fill of scratches and pats allll the time. Sho flerffy!

6. Their toy collection is a never-ending pile of squeaky toys, ropes, and bones.

‘Cause who can pass by the pet aisle without bringing something home for your best friend?

7. They NEVER have bad hair days…

Only “extra cute” hair days…Oh, the nerve!

Round Disney eyes…check! Offering a paw…check! Cocking head and looking extra-incredibly adorable…check, check! Okay Lola, we can go for a walk.—vOOfi2/

But at the end of the day, it’s our pups’ tail-waggin’, face-lickin’ unconditional love that makes us humans want to give them the star treatment…and that’s what they deserve!

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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