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8 Signs Your Dog is Actually Your Firstborn Child

4. Your pooch eats better than you do.

Image Credit: Flickr | Bazzadarambler


You read dog food labels for fun and have tried out several homemade recipes for your little bundle of fur. A healthy diet is imperative for a thriving dog, and you are determined to ensure she eats like a queen – even if it means you have to eat like a broke college student!

5. Instead of selfies, your phone is jammed with snaps of your dog.

Image Credit: Flickr | Eli Christman/Richmond Animal League


Do you have to swipe until your finger is sore to locate a photo that doesn’t feature your dog? Have you given up selfies in exchange for “besties” – photos of you with your four-legged BFF? Some may call it obsessive, but every new pawrent does it! There’s no shame in being proud of your fur kid or wanting to share your joy with the world! So what if your dog has more Twitter followers than you?

6. Your social life revolves around your pup.

Image Credit: Flickr | Phil Denton

Gone are the days when you’d head out to the bar after work. There’s a furry little life depending on you now! Instead of Saturday nights on the town, you spend them on the couch with your pup. “Sorry, I have plans with my dog” has become your new mantra, and your friends have all but forgotten your face.

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